Pho Bottomless Brunch

Vietnamese Brunch in London

Pho is the well-known vietnamese street food chain which can be found all over London, and in various other places in the UK. The restaurants vary slightly in look, but all radiate that minimalist, stripped back factory style cafe/canteen with a South-East asian touch.

The main menu features Pho, Salad, Bun, Wok-fried noodles and rice dishes, all from traditional vietnamese cuisine. It’s a great lunch spot, but has never Wow’ed… until now. Pho has just launched a bottomless Vietnamese brunch in London (£25pp, 1.5hr sitting) at its St. Paul’s location!

Vietnamese brunch in london

The Food

The bottomless brunch menu features just five brunch-style options and five noodle soup dishes, as well as a few extras straight from the main menu which could be ordered alongside. 

The brunch dishes all sounded like great takes on vietnamese cuisine. The options included Pandan Waffles or banana fritters, fried rice & eggs, simple vietnamese omelette, filled vietnamese omelette and a brunch bowl. The noodle soups alongside, straight from the menu, a good option if you’re heading along for more of a lunch-style option, but we were dying for something a little more breakfast focused. 

The Pandan Waffles were a fantastic lighter option. Thin, slightly sweet, green waffles filled with fresh berries, star fruit, condensed milk and maple syrup, they looked beautiful and tasted fresh and delicious. The starfruit was a lot like a juicier apple and the berries were plump, juicy and very tasty. The waffles really satisfied that sweet tooth. 

Vietnamese brunch in london

The Filled Vietnamese Omelette was a much larger dish; a simple omelette, filled with shredded chicken, bean sprouts, chillies and fresh herbs with a side of sriracha ketchup.  It was a delicious asian inspired filling of which there was plenty, with kicks of heat from the sriracha and chillies. The omelette itself was pretty plain, but it’s all about the combo together – and that was very tasty! 

Vietnamese brunch in london

We also had some prawn crackers (£2.95) to pick at whilst waiting for the dishes. A little strange whilst out for breakfast, but a good appetiser with sweet chilli dip either way. 

Vietnamese brunch in london

The Bottomless Drinks

The drinks which form the bottomless offering are prosecco (straight up or with orange juice), saigon beer, sriracha bloody mary or Ca Phe Martini (viet iced coffee, condensed milk and ha noi vodka). You do have to pick one and stick to it the whole way through, but if you and your plus one pick differently, then you can always switch on alternate rounds – a tip from the waiter which was a great idea! 

The Ca Phe Martini was just like an espresso martini, just a bit more creamy. It almost had a slightly chocolate edge. It was dreamy! We had a couple of these each and could have had more, but they were filling alongside brunch. 

Vietnamese brunch in london

The prosecco was a good fizz, and with the orange juice it was a lighter version of a mimosa. A fab simple breakfast cocktail and delicious alongside the flavours of both brunch dishes.

Vietnamese brunch in london


A great and different value bottomless brunch offering! The food is pretty good, and the drinks offering alongside is fantastic. Service was friendly and they kept our drinks topped up – which is exactly what you’re after with a bottomless brunch. A good spot if you’re after a cheap and cheerful Vietnamese brunch in London which isn’t your usual eggs benedict or avocado on toast.

East London Girl: Pho Bottomless Brunch

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