Pizza Union

Pizza in London

Cheap and Great!

Pizza in London – look no further than Pizza Union, a fantastic chain of pizza restaurants. Eat in on long communal wood tables or takeaway!

No table service – just get in the queue and order your pizza. With all of them priced between £3.95-6.50, this place is one of the most affordable pizza joints in London.  Once you pay you receive a device that buzzes when your pizza is ready.  You can see the pizzas being prepared and cooked in fire baked ovens.

I loved the simple menu and opted for double pepperoni and a san pellegrino. This only came to £8.50 –  an absolute bargain! Thin, crispy and flavoursome without being too greasy or stodgy, it was one of the best pizzas I have had in London. My colleague has a gluten free diet and said it was one of the best pizza’s she had ever had. Absolutely recommended if you are looking for pizza in London.

pizza in LondonEast London Girl: Pizza Union

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