Japanese restaurant in London

I absolutely loved my trip to Japan in 2016! The food and culture were just amazing so I am always very happy visiting a Japanese restaurant in London.

Sakagura is situated just off Regent Street nestled in Heddon Street courtyard. The restaurant reminded me of Japan with wooden panelling, sake barrels around the bar and private booths with cloth hanging (wish we had managed to sit there!) There is a small terrace outside which will be perfect in the summer and a sake cellar downstairs with additional seating.

Japanese restaurant in London Japanese restaurant in London


We had a Sakagura Sour cocktail: Plum and Josen Sake, vodka and fresh lemon juice and an Asahi. Make sure you check out happy hour from 5-7pm on Sunday-Thursday when cocktails are 50% off!

Japanese restaurant in London

Small Plates

We had a few small plates to the start meal off (it would be rude not to). The Pan fried pork gyoza (which were a decent portion with 6 gyozas) was delicious and the soy dipping sauce was fantastic.

Japanese restaurant in London

We also had the Prawn Tempura and three jumbo yakitori: Negima (chicken and spring onion with a teriyaki glaze), Beef Teriyaki (short rib beef) and Kamo Teriyaki (barbary duck breast and spring onion).

The yakitori was flavoursome but a little pricey (£5 just for one skewer). The same with the tempura prawns at £9.

Japanese restaurant in London

The Stone Steak

Now this is where Sakagura really stands out – the shiyaki Stone Steak menu. Presented to guests on a hot lava stone grilling plate (400 degrees so do not touch!) diners grill their meat just the way they like it – blue or well done.  Choose from  400g Argentinian Sirloin or Ribeye or 200g Wagyu. This is paired with sides including Hakata fries (seaweed and salt) Sweet Potato fries or steaming rice. The choice of sauces include  Misodare, Soyadare, Ponzu Oroshi.

Japanese restaurant London

We opted for the 400g Sirloin which was more than enough for two people. We opted for two portions of Hakata fries, which were AMAZING! The meat was great quality, well seasoned and tender and it was so fun to be able to cook it yourself. The other bonus is you can cut your own pieces so you are able to enjoy your steak in different sittings, making sure it always stays warm.  At £40 for the steak and £5-10 more for sides and sauces, this is great value for the experience and the quality.

Japanese restaurant London Japanese restaurant in London

In summary

Sakagura is an intimate Japanese restaurant in London with friendly staff, a huge range of Sake, and they are on to a real winner with the Ishiyaki Stone Steak menu.

East London Girl: Sakagura

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