Sheba Curry House

Sheba Curry House in Brick Lane

If you have not been to a curry house in Brick Lane, where have you been?! It is a fun experience wandering down with different curry houses fighting to get your custom. With all the enticing smells, how can you resist!

We stopped off at family owned and run, Sheba Restaurant, which has been opened since 1974. They have most recently been awarded East London Chef of the Year at the Asian Restaurant and Takeaway Awards 2018.

curry house in brick lane

The Starters

Obviously we had a couple of beers with the meal but we also loved the fresh mango lassi’s.

curry house in brick lane

We kicked off with some Popadums (£1) each with four different sauces – onion salad, mint sauce with a hint of mango, mixed pickles and mango chutney. You just can’t go wrong with these crispy delights and the pickles were absolutely amazing.

curry house in brick lane curry house in brick lane

We moved on to the Spiced Lamb Sheek Kebab (£4.25) cooked in the tandoori oven and the Chicken Chaat Puri (£4.95) cooked with fresh herbs and chat masala served in desi fried bread.  The lamb was served with salad and a delicious dressing. The chicken was particularly good – just the perfect amount of spice and the bread was so light and fresh.

curry house in brick lane curry house in brick lane

The Curries

Where do you start with the curries?! The menu is split into different sections including tandoori delights, Sheba all time favourites, traditional dishes, chef signature dishes and veggie dishes.  After some careful thinking we tried a Shofri Ghust (£11.95), a Traditional Bangladeshi dish slow cooked with soft lamb and fresh Bengali pumpkin. The dish combines the  natural sweetness of the pumpkin and spices resulting in a hot and sweet medium strength. We also tried the Chicken Xacuti (£11.95) a Goan dish with chicken, coconut milk, yoghurt and fairly hot spices creating a dish full of flavour. This is the perfect choice for someone who loves a sauce-y curry with a coconut base but with an extra punch!

curry house in brick lane curry house in brick lane

Accompanying the curries we had a garlic naan (£2.90), peshwari naan (£3.20) and pilau rice (£3.20). We also could not resist a Bombay Aloo (hot spiced potato dish) which was pretty epic (£3.95) and the Tarkadaal (£3.95).


Sheba curry house in Brick Lane offers great traditional food at very reasonable prices. There is space for dining upstairs and downstairs and the atmosphere on a Friday evening was vibrant and friendly. The staff were lovely and we would definitely return! Keep an eye out on their website for special offers and you can also Bring Your Own Booze.

East London Girl: Sheba Brick Lane

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