Slim Jim’s Bar in Islington

Slim Jim’s Liquor Store

Bar in Islington

Slim Jim’s bar in Islington is best known for the array of women’s bras hanging from the ceiling! Apparently a lady can get a free drink if they give up their bra for the ceiling…food for thought.

It is a dingy and dark bar with a jukebox which only adds to the atmosphere and quirkiness of the venue.  It seems that sometimes the door staff charge entry (around £3-5) but other times they do not – it may depend on how busy it is. Slim Jim’s is pen until 3am which is later than most of the other bars on Upper Street. Definitely worth a visit even just for the 241 cocktails and £3 pints from 5pm-8pm Sunday to Friday.

bar in islington

East London Girl: Slim Jims

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