Strut and Cluck, Aldgate

Middle Eastern Restaurant in Aldgate

Strut and Cluck is a great middle eastern restaurant in Aldgate offering good quality, healthier menu choices. The restaurant was originally opened to specialise in Turkey – a meat that is normally discarded throughout the year and only eaten at Christmas.  They want customers to see turkey as a lean, healthy meat that can taste just as good as any other meat with the right blend of herbs and spices.

To do that, Strut and Cluck uses inventive flavours and spices with a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern twist.  If you are not quite sold on turkey, the restaurant offers a wide range of vegetarian dishes and lamb based dishes.

The interior of Strut and Cluck has a bright, modern and relaxed feel, making it a good destination for a catch up with friends or a date night.

The Food

Between three of us, we choose the charred cauliflower with lemon zest, creme fraiche and pomegranate molasses and seeds, the paprika marinated baby squid with crispy kale and the pita balgan (which changes daily) with butternut squash, halloumi and mascarpone.

Strut and Cluck, Aldgate

I particularly rated the squid (nice touch with the kale) and the pita balgan was absolutely amazing.

On to the mains, two of us actually went rogue and chose the lamb dishes. I could not resist the lamb koftas on a bed of paprika hummus and charcoaled onions, which were really good. My friend opted for the slow cooked leg of lab with date molasses and garlic on a bed of polenta. This looked a little bland colour wise but tasted good, although there was a little too much rosemary for our liking.

Last (and certainly not least!) came one of the signature dishes – the turkey hand pulled shawarma with dates and pine nuts on grilled pita and salad. This was filling and bursting with flavour.

Strut and Cluck, Aldgate

Price wise, it was around £25 each for the food (excluding drinks) so if you want to order a number of mezze dishes, it can add up. However, the quality of food and service makes it worth it. We also love a family run business with a genuine “homed cooked food” feel to it.

East London Girl: Strut and Cluck

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