The Lord Morpeth: Victoria Park

I regard the The Lord Morpeth as my local pub, and a fairly decent one at that based just off of Old Ford Road. It is a cosy pub with friendly staff, board games and sports – great way to spend a evening or weekend and you must order a pizza!

The pizzas by Sourdough Saloon are in the Evening Standard’s top 10 pizzas in London. Deserved? Absolutely! The company has had successes around East London with The Lord Morpeth, The Black Horse and The Dog and Duck.

There are around 14 pizzas to choose from and I wanted over half of them! We ended up trying the Mamma Mia, Margherita, Parma Ham, Rocket and Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and the Calabrese, Margherita, ‘Nduja, Salamino Piccante, Red Onion and Black Olives. We were given pepper and chilli flakes to add if we wished, as well as balsamic vinegar for the Mamma Mia (a lovely added touch!)

The pizzas were delicious – thin and crispy with a generous amount of toppings and very flavoursome – would definitely be in my top 5 pizzas in London. I will definitely be revisiting or ordering a Sourdough Saloon pizza as a takeaway if I fancy a night in.

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