Things to do in Nara

Nara day trip

Nara is a 45 minute trip outside Kyoto on the Nara line, using the Japan rail pass again (see what good value it can be!)

The main attraction is Todai-Ji, where Daibutsu-den (great Buddha Hall) lies. The Buddha is actually amazing and so large and tall! Around £4 entrance fee.

Nara-koen (Nara Park), where all the attractions are, is around a 10 minute walk from the station. Near the entrance is the five storied pagoda – Kofuku-Ji and I also ventured to Isuein Gardens (free entrance) prior to visiting the amazing Giant Buddha!

One of my favourite things about Nara were the friendly deer that you can feed (with deer biscuits that you buy from vendors called shika-sembei) and stroke.

I read about a beautiful tea house called Mizutani-chaya I wanted to visit before I visited but noticed it was closed on the day I visited. I stumbled upon it on my walk and thought how lovely it looked.

Things to do in Nara

Beautiful surroundings with a lake, massive park and only a short journey out of Kyoto makes Nara a must visit.

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