Victoria Park Market

Victoria Park Market

How has it taken me almost 9 months to a visit Victoria Park Market which is only a short bus ride from my house?! Located in between Bonner Gate and Gore Gate, Victoria Park Market runs every Sunday from 10am-4pm with a number of local traders selling fruit and vegetables and meats and cheeses plus a great line up of street food stalls.

We visited a number of stalls and my jeans were bursting at the seams by the time I had finished munching away! Traders do change regularly so make sure you check their website for updates! If they aren’t still trading at Victoria Park, check out some of the other great street food stalls such as Kerb and Street Feast.

Dapper Dog Hot Dogs

What: Dapper Dogs transforms a classic icon into a gourmet variant with a a twist.

Recommend: The Spanish Bull: Pork sausage dressed with fire torched manchego cheese, chorizo, chipotle chilli mayo and chopped parsley

Price: £7.50

victoria park market

Piadina Project 

What: Italian flatbread filled to the brim. with delicious fillings. Geographically protected, these piadina’s are the real deal all the way from Italy.

Recommend: The Friar – Italian flatbread, buttermilk fried chicken thigh, double american cheese, pancetta bacon, rocket, nduja mayo

Victoria Park Market

Price: £9 (grab those mozzarella nuggets for £4 too!)

Victoria Park Market

Salty Loins

What: Dipped pork connoisseurs

Recommend: Pork Steak Ciabatta plus chips n gravy (cheese optional) meal deal. Definitely need to go back for the baby back salt pork ribs too!

Victoria Park Market

Price: £9 for the meal deal


What: Bloomin’ great grilled cheese sandwiches

Recommend: There is nothing plain about ‘The Classic’ with mature cheddar, mozarella and onion jam. If you want a bit more spice go for the ‘Spicy Boy’

Victoria Park Market

Price: £5 (bargain!)

KraPow London

What: Northern Thai Street Food

Recommend:  Khao Soi (cocnut and curry flavoured noodel soup) or KraPow Moo (stir fried dish with pork, basil, chilies, onion and garlic

Victoria Park Market

Price: £8

A Pie Party 

What: Sweet melt in your mouth pies

Recommend: Claire mixes it up every week with new pie treats. The blondie jammie dodger was fantastic but her new biscoff pie with a brownie base sounds epic

Price: £4

Victoria Park Market

Victoria Park Market

East London Girl: Victoria Park

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