Wild Thyme

Restaurant in Shepherd’s Bush

Wild Thyme restaurant in Shepherd’s Bush is a fabulous and relatively new edition to the area and one that must be visited!  Opened back in 2017, the lovely Lucia and Alex run this beautiful, colourful, romantic and atmospheric restaurant just off the main road. You get a real and genuine welcome and feel thoroughly looked after during your visit.  Attention to detail is everywhere, from the quality of their service right down to the little features throughout the restaurant, and of course in their incredible food.

restaurant in shepherd's bush restaurant in shepherd's bush

Recently Lucia and Alex opened the restaurant for dinner in addition to the much sought after breakfast and brunch that they already offer. This was a perfect opportunity for us to come down and see what all the fuss was about!

A Fine Dining Style Tapas!

The beautiful menu is sleek, sophisticated and creative. With 15 small plates to choose from, you know this place is all about quality over quantity. The suggested number of plates for one person is three so we chose the following six dishes:

  • Baby Squid Salad (Pan fried baby squid and edamame beans, tossed with lemon gel, chili and parsley and topped with grated pecorino cheese and cress £9.00)
  • Polenta Buttons (Button shaped bites of Polenta, widely flooded with creamy Blue Cheese sauce. Crunchy roasted hazelnuts and chives £6.50)
  • Grilled Beef Bavette (Skewers of ever tender beef Bavette on a bed of grilled Turkish chilli and spring onion. Smoked cherry tomatoes and roasted garlic scattered with lemony sprinkles or sumac £7.50)
  • Special Prawns Tempura (King prawns in a special sage tempura. Mirin, ginger soya and Yuzu lime dip. Chilli, spring onion and coriander top £9.50)
  • Cured Beef Fillet (Thinly sliced cured beef with nutty crumbs of Amaretti Biscuit. An array of home-pickled mushroom with truffle oil as a finish touch £9.00)
  • Poor Dressed Like Rich – Story of An Egg  (Soft poached egg in a cloud of rich potato béchamel. Sautéed wild mushroom and bacon with truffle oil  £6.50)
  • restaurant in shepherd's bush restaurant in shepherd's bush

Our Thoughts

Every single dish was incredibly presented with the most intricate of detail.The Polenta buttons were bsolutely beautiful to look at and tasted just as good too. The creamy blue cheese that oozed out of this little golden buttons was a dream! The baby squid was fantastic and the dip so thick which made it a perfect combination.

restaurant in shepherd's bush restaurant in shepherd's bush

The cured beef was outstanding and was so deliciously creamy. We loved the nutty addition of the Amaretti biscuits and mushroom and the truffle oil topped it off perfectly – it was absolutely divine! Poor Dressed Like Rich was also one of my all-time favourites. It was a real hearty dish and the creaminess of the truffle oil with the potato and egg was an absolute treat.

restaurant in shepherd's bush restaurant in shepherd's bush

Dessert time! 

We chose two out of the three desserts to try and they were absolute heaven! The Chocolate Fondant (a volcanic chocolate and raspberry fusion with vanilla ice cream £5.50) was complete perfection and beautifully presented with slightly crispy chocolate on the outside and heaven on the inside. The subtle raspberry flavours enabled this dish to not be too rich and the ice cream was a great addition.

restaurant in shepherd's bush

The Poached Pear (Spiced poached pear in saffron, Greek yoghurt, mixed seeds and berries £5.00) was gorgeous to look at and went so well with the Greek yoghurt. It was an enjoyable and relatively healthy dessert!


We were absolutely gutted that this perfect restaurant isn’t closer to home!  If you have tried their breakfast or brunch then dinner is not to be missed. This gem of a restaurant in Shepherd’s Bush was great value for the quality of the food and the service was amazing.

East London Girl: Wild Thyme

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