601 Queens Road

Bar and Restaurant in Wimbledon

601 Queens Road is a gorgeous restaurant in Wimbledon with the bar in the middle being the main focal point. The restaurant boasts floor to rooftop windows which allows for plenty of light to give this place a fresh look. It is also stunning when night falls and the fairy lights turn on!

restaurant in wimbledon

Our super friendly waiter, Luca, was a true delight and his awesome personality really added to our experience of this lovely restaurant in Wimbledon.

restaurant in wimbledon
restaurant in wimbledon

The Cocktails

We had the following cocktials:

  • Mango Margarita with fresh mango, El Jimador blanco tequila and a touch of Ancho Reyes chilli liqueur (£10)
  • Maverick Martini – the original pornstar – Ketel One, fresh passionfruit, housemade vanilla, passionfruit liqueur, with a side of prosecco (£12.50)
  • Blood Orange Negroni Beefeater Blood Orange Gin, campari  and Cocchi di Torino (£9)

The Negroni was a strong cocktail accompanied by light orangey notes, the Mango Margarita had fresh fruity flavours and the Maverick Martini was beautiful with its fresh passionfruit floating on top of the classic cocktail.

restaurant in wimbledon

The Menu

The menu is full of fantastic dishes so we tucked into a variety of options:

  • Brioche bread and butter (£3.95)
  • Steamed Mussels in a white wine and garlic and cream sauce with fries (£16.50)
  • House burger with blue cheese and streaky bacon (£11.95)
  • Smoked Salmon, Truffle Honey and Roicotta Crostini (£4.95 for 3 pieces)
  • Aubergine caponata, Chorizo and Basil Crostini (£4.95 for 3 pieces)
  • Truffle Macaroni Cheese (£5)
601 queens road

Our favourite dishes were the steamed mussels, truffle macaroni cheese and the smoked salmon caponatas! You receive an extremely generous helping of mussels and the creamy sauce is just so delicious. The crostinis were amazing, small crusty pieces of bread and the fresh salmon paired well with the creamy ricotta.

601 queens road
601 queens road
restaurant in wimbledon

The truffle macaroni cheese was a perfect combination meaning it was superbly moreish without being too overbearing. The House burger was immense – so big it had a knife through the middle holding it together. With a double beef patty, blue cheese and streaky bacon, this was a pleasure to eat and a challenge to finish!

601 queens road
601 queens road


After an enormous feast we opted for a Dark Chocolate Mousse with vanilla crème (£6.95) to share and an extra alcoholic beverage each for the road! The mousse was outstanding – it was like eating thick melted chocolate (cold!) and was super indulgent.

601 queens road

We had an Irish Coffee with Jamesons and house made whipped cream (£6) and a Taylors 10 year old Tawney Port (£8 for 70ml glass). The Irish Coffee was a lovely warming delight and the fresh whipped cream was thick and sweet. The Tawney port was beautifully sweet – always a perfect way to end a meal when you can’t eat another bite!

601 queens road


We had an incredible time at 601 Queens Road bar and restaurant in Wimbledon. It had a lovely relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and a great choice of dishes.

East London Girl: 601 Queen’s Road

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