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Seafood Restaurant in London Bridge

Bob’s Lobster has opened its first seafood restaurant in London Bridge, just opposite Vinegar Yard. It’s got that classy American diner feel, with deep red leather booths, tiles, marble bar top, exposed brick walls, hanging lights and spotlights. Inside the restaurant, it even houses the very first Bob’s Lobster street food van, from when they first started out on the food market scene! It’s super buzzy and cool, and was pretty busy when we visited to try out the menu. 

The service from the whole team was friendly, chatty and upbeat. They had plenty of recommendations for us too. What we really loved is that the owner and founder, Rob, was on the restaurant floor chatting and serving and you could just see the passion radiate through everything he said. He was very excited about Bob’s Lobster, how far it had come, and even showed us a video of one of the street food vans being lifted by a crane onto a raised platform by the sea, ahead of a festival! He had so much pride in the whole menu and experience.

The Drinks

The drinks menu has a handful of classic cocktails with a couple creative additions, as well as wine, beer and softs. 

The Elderflower Spritz (£3.50) was a refreshing, lightly sparkling soft option. However, it was all about the Bob’s Martini (£10) with Jensen’s Old Tom, Dolin Dry and Dolin Blanc, served with sea salt mist. It was potent yet smooth, slightly citrus from the lemon peel. It came in it’s own little bottle on the rocks so you could keep it chilled and pour as desired which was so cool! Bob’s Lobster also does a great Aperol Spritz (£8).

seafood restaurant in london bridge

The Menu

The food menu is all about sharing and trying different dishes with friends and family. When Rob came over to chat to us, he told us how the food at Bob’s Lobster is all about the experience and adventure which we think is great!

As such, the menu itself features bar snacks, a large number of tapas-style sharing plates, a handful of larger mains, and several salads and sandwiches. Whilst the focus is mainly centred around lobster and seafood, there are veggie and vegan options, as well as the odd meat choice too. 

As it was Oyster Hour, we had to try the oysters. The fresh oysters (£3 each) were really meaty. Shucking and knocking them back with a little Tabasco they were salty and pretty tasty. However, it was all about the fried oysters with a thick breaded coating. They had that fishy taste, which reminded us a bit of scampi. They were delicious and different to fresh oysters in a good way!

seafood restaurant in london bridg
seafood restaurant in london bridg

The Sharing Plates

We then started with a few small sharing plates. First up, the cauliflower steak (£5). Pan-fried with spring onion, agave, ginger and lime salsa, it was delicious both in texture and taste. It is a tasty veggie option, with plenty of spring onion. 

The King Oyster Mushroom Ceviche (£7) was an interesting and creative vegetarian small plate as a substitute for the fish ceviche too. A slice of white miso aubergine was piled with cured mushroom, sesame and an agave ponzu dressing. The sesame added a slight nuttiness to the natural Umami flavour. Whilst different, it was a tasty change to a traditional ceviche. 

seafood restaurant in london bridg

We also tried the Tuna Taco with sachimi tuna, wasabi guacamole, chipotle crema and sesame seeds in a crispy wonton shell. The tacos usually come in a 3 (£9) but we were dying to try a bit of everything so they let us have one. The tuna was tender and so tasty and the wasabi had a creamy taste, beautifully complimenting the flavours. The wonton shell was super crispy and stayed that way. It was light but added a beautiful crunch.

seafood restaurant in london bridge

The Larger Plates

We t had the larger plates all at once, although these can arrive as and when they are ready in true tapas style. 

The Lobster Tail (£22) roasted in vanilla white wine butter and herbs was so fresh, succulent and tasty. It easily came away from the shell too, which is a dream when eating lobster. The white wine butter sauce was plentiful, and great for dipping in the fries! With lobster being the star of the show, we had to try it and are so pleased we did. This is a must-order!

seafood restaurant in london bridge

The Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese (£16) completed our spread. With a 3 cheese lobster bisque bechamel and lobster tail meat, topped with fried shallots, it was was oozy, stringy, and really creamy with more melted cheese on top. It had a pretty good amount of lobster too. It was rich, but not overpowering for the lobster. A great mac and cheese dish for sure.

seafood restaurant in london bridge


We had a great evening at Bob’s Lobster seafood restaurant in London Bridge. The food was amazing, the drinks were all great, and the service was absolutely fantastic. It is an awesome chilled diner spot near London Bridge, and they are constantly looking to create new things for the menu too, so keep an eye out for new additions.

seafood restaurant in london bridge

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