Bar and Cafe in Moorgate

You may have seen from my blog how much I rated The Aviary in the Montcalm Hotel in Finsbury Square!  Well, I decided to try Burdock, the new ground floor bar and cafe in Moorgate and I was just as impressed.

The surroundings are stunning with the bar to the right as you enter with a shuffleboard if you fancy it. The cafe / restaurant to the left has comfortable sofas and dining tables in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Cafe in Moorgate


We started off with a cheeky cocktail each which our waiter, Nick, helped us choose. We tried “Jeff In the Red Dress” (which, by the way, apparently is the code word for a cute girl!) which was gin, lime, basil, strawberries and prosecco. I am definitely weaning myself on to gin through the cocktails.

We also had the “Queen of Jalisco” Jose Cuervo, aperol, lime, strawberries, raspberries and passionfruit. It was fruity and not too alcoholic, which was handy for a lunchtime!

Cafe in Moorgate

Small Plates

The menu focuses on small plates and therefore encourages sharing, which suits me well! We were recommended one large plate and a side or a couple of smaller plates and a side or snack dish.

We choose the (1) short rib tacos (2) duck egg, cauliflower, smoked almonds (3) venison meatballs, blue cheese, pickled garlic (4) pork belly and lobster (5) suffolk chicken, bulgar, artichokes and (6) triple cooked chips.

This was enough for two people who want to try a few different dishes. I particularly enjoyed the meatballs and the pork belly and lobster, which were very flavoursome. I also saw the double cheese burger coming out of the kitchen and it looked brilliant.

One thing that stood out to me was the service. Nick was attentive from the beginning, helped us choose our dishes, cocktails and threw in a funny fact or two along the way.

To finish, we tried the Jam custard doughnut freak shake – strawberry sauce, milk ice cream, custard cream topped off with a mini doughnut. Epic. We also had the health freak which was frozen yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, spirulina and chia seeds. Both very tasty and I loved the mini doughnut on the freakshake.

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