Day Trip to Nara

Day Trip to Nara

A day trip to Nara from Kyoto is highly recommend! It is a 45 minute trip  on the Nara line,using the Japan rail pass (see what good value it can be!)

The main attraction is Todai-Ji, where Daibutsu-den (great Buddha Hall) lies. The Buddha is actually amazing and so large and tall! It is a £4 entrance fee which is fantastic value.

Nara-koen (Nara Park), where all the attractions are, is around a 10 minute walk from the station. Near the entrance is the five storied pagoda – Kofuku-Ji and we also ventured to Isuein Gardens (free entrance) prior to visiting the amazing Giant Buddha!

One of my favourite things about Nara were the friendly deer that you can feed. You can buy deer biscuits called shika-sembei from various vendors. They are so tame and it is such an amazing experience to be surrounded by deer

I read about a beautiful tea house called Mizutani-chaya before I was sadly closed when we visited. Just look how lovely it is!

day trip to nara


A trip to Nara is an absolute must from Kyoto. The park, lakes and friendly deer are just so amazing!

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