The Great Chase

The Great Chase

Restaurant in Clerkenwell

The Great Chase restaurant in Clerkenwell serves modern British fine food and wonderful teas, coffees and alcohol free cocktails. All of the meat is carefully sourced halal and all other ingredients are also sourced with passion and care. We were really impressed by the quality of the food and service!

The Mood

The decor is modern and quirky, with chic green walls and antique wooden tables. The tables are booths which provide a comfy atmosphere and the music adds a chilled ambiance. The staff are fun and friendly and super knowledgeable so ask them questions if you’re not sure what to choose.
restaurant in clerkenwell

The Food

We started off with a nibble of some Nocellara, Ligurian & Gioconda Olives. They were juicy and mourish and the combination of  the three flavours were great.
restaurant in clerkenwell
For the main event my friend went for the 4oz beef burger, brisket smoked, cheddar, baby gem, gherkins, house bbq sauce & fries. He said it was one of the best burgers he has ever had! It was juicy, meaty, well seasoned and massive and smoked cheddar added a great touch.
restaurant in clerkenwell restaurant in clerkenwell
I had the Avocado, two poached eggs, chilli & linseeds on pumpernickel. I opted to skip the eggs to keep it vegan but I wasn’t missing out as it was delicious! The avocado was perfectly ripe and there was a great big portion of it on the pumpernickel which was delicious! I have not tried pumpernickel before in fear of it looking a bit too healthy! However, it was really good and the linseeds and chilli  complimented the avocado and pumpernickel perfectly. I had it with a side of the Herbed baked beans which were marinated butter beans and they were so tasty – not your average baked beans!
restaurant in clerkenwell restaurant in clerkenwell
To finish was a dessert to end all desserts – the Whipped cheesecake, cookie crumble, mandarin & basil. The cheesecake element was freshly whipped cream on a bed of tasty cookie crumble with a mandarin compote topped with a candied basil leaf. It was creamy, crunchy and decadent – everything you need in a pud!
restaurant in clerkenwell

The Drinks

The ‘bar’ is dry at The Great Chase but that doesn’t mean you miss out on any special cocktails! They have a great list of cocktails which are intricately flavoursome and will boggle your brain. We tried the Gardener’s Tonic: elderflower and sweet cicely cordial, Seedilp 108, elderflower & lemon mist with soda. We also had the Pineapple Bay: pineapple and bayleaf cordial, fresh lime and orange juice, coconut water, Seedlip Spice ’94.  The Gardener’s Tonic was fresh and zesty and the Pineapple Bay was full of flavour and spice.
restaurant in clerkenwell
They also stock some great tea from Rare Tea Company so we had the Jasmine Silver Tip and the Sencha Green Tea. Each tea on the menu comes with a lovely back story of where the leaves come from and how they are made. The staff take great care with the tea too, serving each pot at the right temperature for the right flavour!
restaurant in clerkenwell
The Great Chase Restaurant Islington

In Summary 

When eating or drinking here and especially when speaking to the staff you can see how much passion has gone into making this place a haven for people following a halal lifestyle. Whether you eat halal or not we defy you not to love this gorgeous restaurant in Clerkenwell.
East London Girl: The Great Chase
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