Sri Lankan Restaurant in Soho

I have heard a great deal about Hoppers’ offering of Sri Lankan dishes and street food – some about the quality of the food and others about the awfully long queue!

Yes, Hoppers is another popular restaurant in London where you can’t book at their Soho branch – you have to pop your name down and wait for a text to say your table is ready. At least you can go and have a drink nearby rather than just queuing in the street (Dishoom I love you but it is unappealing!) The good news is Hoppers new branch in Marylebone does take bookings for 4 people or more.

Sadly, I was just dining with one other so could not book. All I can say is arrive early – they open at 5.30 so as close to then as possible. Hoppers Soho is a small cosy restaurant where you eat at shared tables or on stools facing the kitchen – there is not a huge amount of space but it is meant to provide you with a local feel.

A bit of everything

Being newbies to Hoppers, the ‘Taste of Hoppers’ menu was an easy choice at £28.50 pp where you get a variety of the signature dishes on the menu. We started off with the sharing plates of Banana Chips, Bone marrow Varuval Roti, Mutton Rolls, Chicken Wing Chukka and Lamb Kothu Roll. The portions were actually rather filling and oh my, really flavoursome – my favourites were the Mutton Rolls and the Lamb Kothu.

Moving on to the mains, each person can choose between a Hopper or a Dosa, each of which comes with a selection of sambals, yogurt and brinjal moju. This was my first experience of a Hooper and, to be frank, I didn’t know what one was – essentially it is a bowl shaped thin pancake made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk where as a dosa is made from a fermented batter of ground rice and lentils.

sri lankan restaurant in soho

You then choose your filling with choices of lamb, black pork, chicken, root vegetable or okra and plantain kari. We opted for the dosa with chicken and the hopper with black pork – combined with the sambals it was an absolutely delight. I decided to break bits of my hopper off and stuff them with the fillings or you can just put everything in at once and eat from there!

Worth it?

Definitely worth a visit if you can put up with the queue, or just book into the new Hoppers branch at St Christopher’s Place. The flavours are awesome and you won’t be disappointed with this fantastic Sri Lankan restaurant in Soho.

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