The Pepper Tree

Thai restaurant in Clapham

The Pepper Tree is a great Thai restaurant in Clapham offering street food at very reasonable prices. With canteen style dining tables and a few stools at the front by the window for people watching, Pepper Tree is a relaxed restaurant to visit.

thai restaurant in clapham

Thai Me Up

The first thing I noticed when I arrived were the condiments – no asking for more sweet chilli sauce at Pepper Tree – you have four different sauces to choose from and they will not run out! Small but important difference I noticed here and I was overjoyed when I could plonk as much sauce on my prawn crackers as I wanted to.

thai restaurant in clapham thai restaurant in clapham

The menu has a fantastic selection and I struggled with ordering! For the small plates we chose the Pork & minced prawn dim sum which were really tasty served in a basket and the Classic spring roll crispy and stuffed with black fungus, cabbage, carrot and vermicell, which went well with the sweet chilli sauce.

thai restaurant in clapham thai restaurant in clapham

I would usually opt for a curry but I really fancied a stir fry for a change! I had the Thai chilli chicken with Thai sweet chilli sauce (as if I hadn’t had enough with my prawn crackers!), long beans, fresh chillies, sweet basil, cashew nuts and mixed peppers with stir fried noodles cooked with soya sauce, bean shoots and sesame. It was a good level of spice and a generous portion. Some of the chicken pieces were a little tougher than others but overall it was tasty. We also had the Pad Thai Jay Rice noodles stir-fried with asparagus, pak choi, courgette, French beans, egg, sweet radish, beansprouts, tamarind sauce, crushed peanuts, spring onion and mixed pepper – again such a decent portion and flavoursome!

thai restaurant in clapham thai restaurant in clapham

Thai cocktails on happy hour 

241 happy hour cocktails until 7pm – bargain considering they are only £6.95! We had the Soul Punch -SangSom sugarcane rum, amaretto, lychee cieuw, fresh lime, and guava juice and the
Mango Bellini: Pure mango puree topped off with prosecco – both pretty sweet but I do always opt for a sweet cocktails!

thai restaurant in clapham


Good food and very reasonable prices at this lovely Thai restaurant in Clapham. We recommend visiting with a few friends so you can share the dishes!

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