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Salaam Namaste is a sleek, modern and contemporary little restaurant in Bloomsbury, specialising in modern Indian cuisine. The interior is filled with shades of beige and brown, with deep purples too. There are leather chairs and deep wooden tables, giving it a sophisticated, slightly fancy feel.

The team is all passionate and very friendly, ready to give recommendations and checking in your meal.

The Drinks

The drinks menu has a good selection of wine and cocktails, as well as beers and soft drinks. The cocktail part of the menu features ten cocktails, each inspired by Indian cuisine and refreshing flavours. There are also four mocktails for anyone avoiding alcohol.

The Summer in Paris (£7.95), was a very sweet, tasty number. Ciroc, Cointreau elderflower and lychee juice give this cocktail the taste of sweets, quite literally. It’s delicious alongside the dishes. The Kiwi and Cucumber Martini (£8.95) was a refreshing choice for alongside dinner, with absolut vodka, cucumber, fresh kiwi, elderflower and lime.

The mocktails were really juicy and tasty too! A great soft drink option instead of the usual diet coke, or sticking to water. The slushy kiwi (£5.95) with fresh kiwi and pineapple juice was great. The kiwi added juicy bursts to the pineapple juice. The vanilla berry (£5.95) was bursting with juicy flavours too, from the mix of fresh raspberry, blackberry, vanilla sugar, cranberry juice and apple juice. The vanilla really shines through.

restaurant in bloomsbury


The food at Salaam Namaste focuses on traditional flavours, adding a contemporary twist. On the menu you will find a few classics, and plenty of curries, biryanis and grill dishes. There really is plenty to choose from, and we found the decision tough!

Popadoms are obviously a must at an Indian. The ones at Salaam Namaste were slightly salty, and came with the most amazing tomato chilli dip, made with garlic and onions. It was incredible – apparently a popular one and can only be found here. . You can’t really go wrong with mango chutney and mint dip but it really is all about that chilli one!

restaurant in bloomsbury

The Bombay Onion Bhaji (£4.95),  a crisp fried onion cake with potatoes and mix vegetables, tamarind chutney, was delicious.It was soft in the middle, with a fab crispy coating. Fantastic with the tamarind chutney.

We also tried some Tandoori lamb (part of the Tandoori Rattan @ £7.95) to start, which was a little tough, yet superbly spicy and aromatic.

Main Dishes

On to the mains, and the Tandoori Rubiyani Duck (£14.95) was a real winner. Gressingham duck breast marinated in yoghurt, cheese and carefully selected spices, charred in tandoor, it was served with roasted Tiger prawn, tangy potatoes and cucumber salad.The duck was so tender and deep in flavour, the king prawn was juicy, and the vegetables absolutely delicious.

restaurant in bloomsbury

We have never even see a date & ginger naan (£2.95) before and so this was a must try. It was slightly sweet and sticky, and was great for dipping in, and mopping up the spicy tomato-based sauce from the duck.

The Tandoori Ajwain Salmon (£14.95) was great – rhe salmon was marinated with yoghurt crushed ginger, garlic, mint, coriander & fresh stone ground spices and served with a plum tomato relish. The salmon was tender too, flaking easily. The coriander flavour shone through, and it was super tasty.

Of course you need rice too, and the special fried (£3.95) satisfied this need well. Not an overly big portion, however, this fluffy bowl of rice did the job.


There are also desserts, many pretty creative numbers, each tempting us, from the pistachio and mango kulfi to the mango and coconut brulee cheesecake. Pretty full, we tried the trio of ice cream, with cinnamon, tiramisu and coconut flavours. The ice creams tasted premium in quality and very creamy. It was a refreshing way to end the meal.


Salaam Namaste is a beautiful, contemporary sleek Indian spot, with a modern menu – plenty of classics and even more twists. The service is very on the ball – we felt extremely looked after, as did each of the tables around us look so too. We had a great evening at this Indian restaurant in Bloomsbury.

East London Girl: Salaam Namaste

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