Care Packages for the NHS

Supporting the NHS

The NHS are putting their lives at risk every single day to save the lives of others. Their bravery, tenacity and extremely hard work should not go unnoticed. There have been so many amazing initiatives in London to support the NHS during these unprecedented circumstances. It sadly is not in the form of pay rises and adequate PPE but it is a sign of support and appreciation.

Care Packages for the NHS

I wanted to do something to help and show my appreciation to the NHS. Inspired by my friend Harv, I started putting together care packages for the NHS frontline staff at Homerton Hospital in East London. I chose this hospital for two reasons: it was local to where I live in Bow and it is where the inspiring Dr Kiran Rahim from @themunchingmedic works.

The aim was to fill 50 linen bags (with little rainbow NHS badges on!) with skincare, food and drink products for the staff. The next three weeks were spent reaching out to individuals and companies to gauge their appetite for donating to the care packages.

care packages for the NHS


The positive responses to the care packages made so happy. People really wanted to go out their way (both in time and financially) to contribute. Even when people were unable to donate, they were happy to share potential contacts who could help. It was great to chat to people over the phone and to meet them from my balcony to have a natter.

care packages for the NHS
care packages for the NHS

So a huge thank you to the following people and companies who kindly donated:

Delivering the Care Packages to the NHS

On the 4 May, I delivered the 50 care packages to the entrance of Homerton Hospital (maintaining social distancing) and three lovely doctors assisted with taking them all into hospital. Dr Kiran reported that the staff were so overwhelmed and grateful!

care packages for the NHS

Anything we can do to show the NHS staff that we care and want to show gratitude means a lot. So thank you again NHS for your amazing work during this extremely difficult time.

East London Girl: Care Packages for the NHS

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