Free meals for the NHS in London

Initiatives supporting the NHS

The NHS are putting their lives at risk every single day to save the lives of others. Their bravery, tenacity and extremely hard work should not go unnoticed. There have been so many amazing initiatives for providing free meals for the NHS in London during these unprecedented circumstances.

Free meals for the NHS in London

London reacted quickly to supporting the NHS during the crisis. It is truly amazing to see so many initiatives set up to donate and deliver fresh, hot meals to frontline staff. Here are just some of the fantastic groups that have been set up to support the NHS in London.

  • London Restaurant Cooperative: A not for profit social kitchen working with hospitlaity staff who lost their jobs during the crisis. Since 17 March 2020, they have delivered over 6,400 meals to the NHS. Through their website, you can donate £4 for a meal to be delivered to the NHS. You can also provide a donation for care packages to be delivered to the vulnerable.
free meals for the nhs in london
Copyright: The London Restaurant Co-operative
  • Fuel The Fight London: Fundraising effort to help the NHS workers and independent restaurants in London. 100% of the money raised is used to buy meals from London restaurants who have suffered as a result of Covid-19 and feed healthcare workers who are on the frontlines battling this pandemic. They have almost raised their £30,000 target.
free meals for the nhs in london
Copyright: Fuel The Fight London
  • Furloughed Foodies London: Fundraising effort to get homecooked nutritious meals to frontline workers. Set up by a a group of people that have recently been furloughed or let go from employment as a result of Covid-19, they are looking for cooks, drivers and donations. They have raised over £17,000 and delivered over 10,000 meals to the NHS.
free meals for the nhs in london
Copyright: The Furloughed Foodies London
  • Compassion London: They have a team of chefs, delivery drivers and support staff working 7 days a week to prepare, cook and deliver thousands of meals each day to vulnerable people and NHS and support workers. Wembley Stadium has recently opened its kitchens for them to use!
free meals for the nhs in london
Copyright: Compassion London
  • Corona Care Challenge: A family fundraising page to put together care packages to distribute and deliver to those in need. They accept monetary donations and household goods.  They have been providing the NHS with freshly cooked meals and set up internal food banks for the staff. A whopping £168,000 has been raised so far!
free meals for the nhs in london
Copyright: Corona Care Challenge
  • Hospitality for Heroes: Hospitality for Heroes is a not-for-profit company which uses leading Head Chefs to supply NHS staff with free, healthy meals using quality produce purchased from local suppliers. So far they have delivered over 30,000 meals to hospitals!
Copyright: Hospitality for Heroes
  • Deliver Aid: Founded by Doctor Jack Manley to make sure frontline staff have the meals and energy they need to do their jobs and to make use of empty kitchens and surplus stock. So far they have raised over £50,000 to support the NHS.
Copyright: Deliver Aid
  • Help NHS Heroes was inspired by critical care nurse, Dawn Bilborough, who was left distraught after the earlier panic buying in supermarkets. Help NHS Heroes have created a pop up food distribution to NHS Staff on the premises of hospitals as well as free delivery through a dedicated app.

All of these initiatives would be grateful for any donations or offers for help. Local food banks are also always looking for donations (both monetary and food) as well as The Felix Project who have delivered 1.63 million meals in London just in April.

East London Girl: Supporting the NHS in London

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