Chai Ki

Indian restaurant in Canary Wharf

Chai Ki Indian restaurant in Canary Wharf is a perfect location to wine and dine. It offers two contemporary Indian restaurants inside, one more formal and the other a more relaxed “street feast” type called the Toddy Shop Bar. The latter is where we had our fantastic meal and cocktails.

indian restaurant in canary wharf

The Toddy Shop Bar, Canary Wharf

Greeted by the friendly and helpful staff, we sat down and ordered a Mango Caipirinha (£7.80) and a Green Eyed Monster (£9.50). Both of the cocktails were beautiful with lovely presentation and amazing fresh fruity flavours!

indian restaurant in canary wharf

The food menu is excellent and designed for sharing. It is split into bar plates and nibbles, a great variety of side dishes and a small selection of Indian curries and buns. We shared lots of dishes so we could try as much of the great food as possible!

indian restaurant in canary wharf

The Sharing Plates

From the Bar Plates we had:

  • Burnt Chilli Chicken – Indo-Chinese Szechwan sauce, red and green peppers and spring onion (£7.90)
  • Coorgi Pulled Pork – pulled pork shoulder, coconut, curry leaf, chilli and Malabar paratha (£7.90)
indian restaurant in canary wharf
indian restaurant in canary wharf

From the Sides we had the Masala Fries with roasted spices (£3.50) and from the Masala Fry & Kari section we had a Dakshini Korma with steam Basmati sweet potato, snow peas, aubergine, South Indian spices and coconut milk (£9.80).

indian restaurant in canary wharf

We loved the variety of dishes we ordered from the menu. The burnt chilli chicken felt more of a Chinese-inspired dish but was delicious all the same. The tender chicken was paired excellently with the crunches from its fried skin, the spring onions and peppers. We loved the spiciness of the Szechwan sauce which made this an extremely tasty dish!

Our favourite of the bar snacks was the Coorgi Pulled Pork which was soft and succulent. Combined with the sauce and the soft flatbread, it tasted divine! We absolutely loved the curry and the flavours of the thick, rich sauce.

We loved sharing everything and it was a different experience of an Indian meal to what we are used to so made a really nice change.

On to Dessert!

We usually find that the dessert menu is lacking at many Indian restaurants. However, Chai Ki’s was fantastic and included cakes, ice cream, tarts, cheesecake, and after dinner cocktails, dessert wines and coffee.

We ordered the Custard tart: strawberries, meringue, ‘gulab’ rose drizzle (£5.90) and the Malai cheesecake: orange zest, berry compote (£5.90).

The custard tart was beautiful to look at and eat. We loved the elegance of this dish with its finishing touches of mini meringues with a light showering of edible petals.

indian restaurant in canary wharf

The Malai cheesecake was delicate but still so rich and creamy – it just melted in our mouths. The berry compote gave it a beautiful fruity kick.

indian restaurant in canary wharf

After dessert, we both enjoyed an Iced Chai with warming cinnamon notes – perfect for a hot day.

indian restaurant in canary wharf


We absolutely loved our experience at Chai Ki Indian restaurant in Canary Wharf and thought it had a lot to offer. With friendly service and great tasting sharing plates, this is a place to definitely visit!

East London Girl: Chai Ki

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