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Untitled bar and restaurant in Dalston certainly doesn’t give away much from its name.  The location however is a clue for the category this establishment falls into – stylish, inventive and a little bit hip.  The menu is made up of Japanese tapas, with an option to enjoy it all at £26.25pp. That is precisely what we popped in to do!

restaurant in Dalston


The drinks menu is concise with one word cocktail names and short descriptions.  We tried the Waif (£9) – gorgeously presented with 2 wafer thin discs attached to the glass it was like looking at an out of focus camera shot.  A nod to art influence here is clear – the open sharing table and bar area is Warhol themed.  The waif was made up of rhubarb, rose vodka, silver tea and champagne.  It was sweet but had a lightness of flavours and a crisp finish, really enjoyable to drink.

We also tried the Gypsy (£8.90) later in the evening.  This is an indulgent little drink made with cocoa butter vodka, white yoghurt, lemon and egg white.  It was erved in a short glass it was buttery sweet without being sickly in the slightest.

restaurant in Dalston


We shared the whole menu for £26.25pp, however you can select as many or few as you wish as the concept is a tapas sharing style one.  The first serving was a trio of sesame cucumber, (£3.50) shiso pickled pear with seaweed, (£3.65) herb salad with marinated tofu, seasonal herb, crispy kale with dried fig (£4.65).  All were tasty but the shiso pear was particularly memorable. The earthy sweetness of the pear and salty hit from the seaweed mingled perfectly.

restaurant in Dalston

Next up was one of the standout dishes of the entire menu the mussels on leek with yuzu beurre blanc (£5.85).  The citrus-y zing of the yuzu really elevated the classic beurre blanc which was frothy and light in texture.  The leeks were gorgeously soft and soaked up the flavours of the sauce and mussels beautifully.

restaurant in Dalston

We also had grilled edamame with bulldog sauce (£3.85) served in their pods on skewers, oyster hot dog with yuzu kusho mayo (£4.80) and kinoko katsu sandwich with manhattan sauce (£5.75).  The oysters were coated in a crisp batter that had real bite and the kinoko katsu sandwich texture was meaty.  So many restaurants try to make mushroom suitably carnivorous but Untitled have swooped in to show how it should be done.

restaurant in Dalston

The aubergine with miso and hazelnut (£5.25) plate also deserves a serious mention, served towards the end of the tasting menu it was a delight.  Sweet, caramelised, soft and melt in the mouth this goes down as one of my favourite aubergine plates ever eaten – totally indulgent.  We also loved the Yakitori– cured cauliflower with kimchi cheese! Our final dish was buri daikon with kombu dashi (£3.60). It was a solid earthy finish to bring my taste buds back from the aubergine sweetness.

restaurant in Dalstonrestaurant in Dalston


The restaurant in Dalston has an open table and bar area with a more relaxed feel and a formal low lit dining area.  There is a moon garden to enjoy in the sun too!  The sharing menu is perfectly balanced with dishes building beautifully in flavours and the concept and execution works so well.

It seems the combination of a Michelin star chef Rob Roy Cameron and Tony Conigliaro’s mixology magic has proved a serious winner.  Whether a no nonsense top notch cocktail is what you are after or unique but satisfying dishes, Untitled knocks it out of the park for both.  They kindly swapped meat dishes for fish and vegetarian options as requested and so the dishes can be tailored to you.  Go in, order a cocktail or two and try the menu – you won’t regret it.

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