Compton Arms

Pub in Highbury and Islington

Four Legs are serving up a storm of sharing plates at the charming Compton Arms pub in Highbury and Islington. Arriving in the Compton Arms, you are immediately welcomed by the lovely bar staff. No matter what day of the week, this quaint pub is always busy.

pub in Highbury and Islington

We took a table round the back of the bar after ordering a East London Negroni (£11).

We had the following plates to share between the two of us:

  • Fried New Potato Aioli £4
  • Burrata Black Olive £10
  • Meatball Berlotti Fennel £12
  • Cheeseburger £9.5
  • Olives on the side £3.50
pub in Highbury and Islington

The Verdict

We loved the East London Negroni here! The two things that make this different to a standard Negroni is they use East London Gin (win for the East London Girl!) and Antica Formula Vermouth instead of Dolin Rouge Vermouth. This makes the drink just as boozy, but slightly sweeter, and much smoother!

pub in Highbury and Islington

The plates came out around the same time and we got stuck in trying them out. We absolutely loved the Burrata Black Olive which was super creamy just how it should be. The black olives give the Burrata a nice sour twist and all that was missing was some bread!

With the cheeseburger, Four Legs have 100% gone for taste over making it ‘instagrammable’. The beef melted in your mouth and it was completed by a layer of tangy cheese and gherkins!

pub in Highbury and Islington

The other absolute winner had to be the Fried New Potatoes with the Aioli dip. This were astonishingly good and very moreish. The potatoes were so fluffy on the outside and had a lovely crispy skin to them. The dip was beautiful and really complimented the texture and flavour of the potatoes.


We had a very pleasant visit at the Compton Arms pub in Highbury and Islington. It would be so nice to work closer so we could pop in for drinks after work easily! It has a lovely atmosphere and serves some great drinks. We imagine that the food served by Four Legs will only make it more popular than it already is.

East London Girl: The Compton Arms

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