Italian Restaurant in Stratford

Figo is a stylish and sophisticated Italian restaurant in Stratford near the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It has a beautiful open plan interior complete with palms, mood lighting, and round marble tables.

figo restaurant
figo restaurant

The staff are passionate and knowledgeable about the food and drinks and give genuine, welcoming and friendly service.

figo restaurant

Starters at Figo Restaurant

We started with the Focaccia Al Tartufo Nero (£12) a round focaccia bread topped with buffalo mozzarella and black truffle. It’s an indulgent starter with a strong (but delicious) truffle flavour and is perfect for sharing.

Italian restaurant in stratford

The Prataioli Fritti (£8.50) deep fried mushrooms were light and crispy with a tartare dip. 

Italian restaurant in stratford

Main Dishes and Dessert

Our waiter recommended the Caprina pizza (£10.50). It had a wood fired crust with a rich homemade pesto drizzled over the sun dried tomatoes, goats cheese and mozzarella. A definite win for pizza lovers.

Italian restaurant in stratford

The Penne al Salmone (£11.90) was a fresh, homemade pasta cooked al dente with chunks of succulent salmon in a rich and creamy sauce.

Italian restaurant in stratford

Absolutely loving this brilliant Italian menu, we could not resist dessert. The Tiramisu (£6.50) was delicious with its thick creamy layers and beautifully presented in a tall glass topped with an edible flower.

Italian restaurant in stratford

The vanilla ice cream in the Affogato (£6.90) had a strong vanilla taste and perfect consistency. We finished off with a Negroni which had a sweet and strong citrus aroma courtesy of the fresh orange peel.

Italian restaurant in stratford

Figo Italian Restaurant in Stratford

Figo is a stylish restaurant offering delicious food with friendly service. The staff are passionate about every customer leaving happy, full and very satisfied which is exactly how we felt.

East London Girl: Italian Restaurant in Stratford

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