Flat Iron

Steak Restaurant in Soho

Flat Iron is an amazing steak restaurant in Soho with a simple and very reasonably priced menu. The signature dish is (unsurprisingly) the Flat Iron Steak (£11) served with house leaf salad. They usually have a couple of special dishes each night which tend to be other cuts of steak or burgers.

The side dishes are again reasonably priced at £2.50-£3.50. These include dripping cooked chips, market greens, creamed spinach and salad.



Flat Iron is such good value for a brilliant, flavoursome cut of steak that is not fatty at all. The chips and spinach are fantastic accompaniments and the steak sauce is only £1.

Given the popularity of this restaurant, there is always a queue to get in. However, when you put your name down  they text you when there is a table free, so at least you can pop to a bar nearby. Flat Iron is so popular that it opened two new branches in Shoreditch and Notting Hill in the last couple of years.  It is definitely the best steak restaurant in Soho for quality vs value.

East London Girl: Flat Iron

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