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Bombay cafe in London

Dishoom is an amazing Bombay cafe in London paying homage to the Irani cafes which welcomed all and tried to break down barriers by bringing people together over food and drink. The popularity of Dishoom has spiraled with five new openings in London – Shoreditch, Covent Garden, Kensington, Carnaby Street and King’s Cross.  Overall the menu is the same throughout each of the locations apart from a couple of specials. The food is consistently delicious and very affordable! 

bombay cafe in london

The Breakfast Menu

The good news is that you can book a table for breakfast! Dishoom’s breakfast naans cooked in the tandoor oven with a little cream cheese, chill tomato jam and fresh herbs are heavenly. They also have a large Bombay breakfast as well as porridge, eggs and fruit.

bombay cafe in london

The Drinks

There is a decent selection of white, red and rose wine and, of course, sparkling. If you are a beer drinker you can get a 650ml Kingfisher for £7.50!

There are also six cocktails to choose from including the Bolly Bellini: raspberries, lychees, rose and cardamom with sparkling wine (£7.90) which was fruity and refreshing. Lastly, there are a number of lassis, chai and coffees to accompany your food.

bombay cafe in london

Small Plates on the Main Menu

You can still book a table up to 5.45 or after that time for groups of six or more. If possible, try and go in a group so you can share dishes! From the ‘small plates’ section we had the following:

  • Khichia & Chundo: Crispy snack similar to popadums but much smaller. Dip happily in the spiced chutney made from an old family recipe (£2.90). These are tasty but disappear too quickly! I also miss their old Fa Fa’s which were more plentiful and colourful.
  • Lamb Samosas: Gujarati filo stuffed with minced lamb, onions and spices (£5.20) Two in a portion, the samosas are light and flavourful.
  • Keema Pau A classic of Irani cafes spiced minced lamb and peas with a toasted, buttered home made bun (£5.90). This is a MUST order – there were so many amazing flavours bursting in my mouth!
  • Chilli Chicken: crispy garlic ginger soy chill chicken (£6.20). This is perfect for those who want a dish with a kick.

We love this part of the menu and could easily have ordered some of the other dishes. Do not go to Dishoom and ignore the small plates!

bombay cafe in london
bombay cafe in london

Larger Bombay Plates

Again, there are SO many amazing dishes to choose from. We opted for the following:

  • Murgh Malai: Chicken thigh meat in garlic, ginger, coriander stems and a little cream (£8.90)
  • Salli Boti: (Carnaby Special) Tender lamb is braised in a rich and flavoursome gravy then finished with crunchy salli crisp-chips. Served with a buttered roomali roti. Half plate / full plate (£12.50/16.90)
  • Chicken Ruby: Tender chicken in a rich silky ‘makhani’ sauce, best mopped up with a Roomali Roti (£10.90)
  • House Black Daal: It is cooked over 24 hours for extra harmony (£6.20)
  • Gunpowder Potatoes: Potatoes with brown skins, smoky-grilled, broken apart, tossed with butter, crushed aromatic seeds and green herbs (£6.90)

This was all shared between four of us by the way! We loved every dish apart from the potatoes which were a little bland. The chicken in the Murgh Malai was so tender, the lamb with the extra texture from the crisp chips was delicious and the accompanying roti was so pillow-y and soft!

bombay cafe in london
bombay cafe in london

I can never go to Dishoom and not order the daal. It is still the best daal I have ever tasted! The chicken ruby is similar to a masala with the sauce creamy and delicious – definitely a good choice for those that prefer less spice.

Together with a tasty garlic and peshwari naan and some rice, the food is just incredible and leaves you wanting more.


Dishoom is an amazing bombay cafe in London and certainly justifies its popularity. The menu offers a variety of dishes bursting with flavour and different from many other restaurants in London. Order as much as you can and just enjoy!

East London Girl: Dishoom

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