Sticks and Sushi

Japanese Sushi Restaurant in London

Sticks and Sushi is a Japanese sushi restaurant in London with 7 locations to choose from. They have venues in Soho, Covent Garden, Wimbledon, Chelsea, Canary Wharf, Greenwich and Victoria.

japanese sushi restaurant in london

We visited their newest venture on Beak Street in Soho. Spread out over two floors, the restaurant is slick and inviting. There was a buzzing atmosphere and we loved eating downstairs near the kitchen area.

japanese sushi restaurant in london

The Photo Menu

Gordon Ramsey says not to visit any restaurant that has a menu with photos. That is not the case with Sticks and Sushi who have a sleek “photo album” as a menu. I actually find the photos useful – we all look at instagram to see what the dish is like so why not look at a menu!

japanese sushi restaurant in london

The menu is split into different sections: small dishes, sticks, sashimi, nigiri, maki, salads and desserts. Sticks and Sushi also offer several fixed menus with sushi, sticks or a mix of both and always taking into account dietary requirements.

The Drinks

As expected, there is a great range of sake for guests, all ranging in price. There is also a number of cocktails, wine and sparkling options. We opted for the Maneki mocktail with Passion fruit, grapefruit, egg white, yuzu & agave (£4.50).

japanese sushi restaurant in london

Japanese Sushi Menu

How much you order really depends on how hungry you are. The set menus give you an idea of what to order for two. Here is what we had:

  • Beef Tataki: Beef, smoked cheese, spring onion, tosazu, spicy goma & jerusalem artichoke chips (£10.20)
  • Edamame Beans (salty) (£4.20)
  • Cauliflower: Fried and served with black truffle goma (£4.50)
  • Ebi Bites: Tempura shrimp, miso aïoli, chili, lime & coriander (£8)
  • Smoky shake: soy cured salmon with smoked cheese and lumpfish roe (£2.60)
  • Garden roll: sweet potato, asparagus, avocado, daikon & red onion 6 pcs (£7.50)
  • Sticks menu:
  • Gyu hābu: Beef & miso herb butter (£5)
  • Yaki yagi Goat’s cheese with dried ham (£3.80)
  • Ramu yaki Lamb, spring onion & yakiniku sauce (£4)
  • Buta yaki Organic free range pork & yuzu-miso (£4)

The Beef Tataki was so fresh and perfectly seared. We loved the accompanying sauce which was like a spicy sesame. The cauliflower was al dente with just a touch of truffle and the ebi bites were moreish with the miso aoili.

japanese sushi restaurant in london
japanese sushi restaurant in london

The sticks were the winners for us. There are 24 (!) to choose from and we could have tried them all. It was so different to have the Yaki Yagi with the goats cheese which was complimented well with the dried ham. The rest of the meat was all tasty and succulent with the lamb being a favourite.

japanese sushi restaurant in london
japanese sushi restaurant in london


Sticks and Sushi is a great Japanese sushi restaurant in London with an extensive menu at pretty reasonable prices. The staff were all friendly and knew the menu really well given how large it is. Don’t leave without trying the sticks!

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