Restaurants in Mykonos

Restaurants in Mykonos

Before visiting Mykonos, I was told how expensive it was. Living in London this is something I am used to so you just need to do your research. The restaurants in Mykonos that I set out below range from high end fine dining to local cafes where you can get a lunch for 2 people for under €10. So just decide whether you are on a budget or want to splash the cash. We did a bit of both!

You will hear a lot about souvlaki and gyros! But what is the difference? This can be subjective but here is my take. A souvlaki can be served on a skewer or in a pita. It is made with souvlaki meat served with tzatziki, tomatoes and onions on grilled pita. Gyros is also served in a pita but is made with gyro meat which is usually beef, pork or chicken (think more like kebab meat). These are the cheapest snacks in Mykonos and rather delicious!

Krama Greek Fine Dining

Krama is situated on the outskirts of Mykonos Town, conveniently located around a 7 minute walk from Hermes Hotel. The word ‘Krama’ is a Greek word which signifies the harmonious marriage of parts that create a concordant ensemble. This essentially translates to using a combination of excellent local ingredients in cooking! It is number 1 of all the restaurants in Mykonos and I can see why! The restaurant itself is absolutely stunning – there is a veranda for alfresco dining and tables overlooking the pool. The interior is modern with gorgeous views of the pool.

We started off our evening with a couple of cocktails to celebrate our arrival in Mykonos. There are a number of classic cocktails available, as well as signature and champagne cocktails. I could not resist a Porn Star Martini with vanilla flavoured vodka and fresh passion fruit. It was beautifully presented in a small martini shaped glass with no stem. The Krama cocktail was similarly great.

Tasting Menu

We opted for the tasting (degustation) menu to try and few different dishes (€80pp). We started off with some fresh bread followed by seven creative sharing dishes! First up was the Sea-Bass Carpaccio served with fennel salad and sweet lemon puree. Our second dish was the Martini Sea Rolls: shrimp and crayfish stuffed lettuce wraps with sea urchin roe in dry martini and saffron sauce. This dish was a highlight for me – the seafood filling was plentiful and flavoursome with the saffron sauce.

Next up we tried the Ginger Mushroom & Asparagus with truffle yoghurt (which is an amazing dish if you love your mushrooms) and the Ouzo Artichokes with halloumi cheese, fennel bulb hummus and ouzo scent. The ouzo was a little overpowering for me but I loved the halloumi!

What followed were the best dishes of the tasting menu. The Grilled White Grouper fillet with ouzo dressing was melt in your mouth. The Giouveti was an interesting and creative dish. It consisted of orzo pasta cooked in tomato water served with grilled lamb marinated with sun dried tomato paste and aged Graviera cheese. The marinade of the lamb was amazing and the pasta was more like a risotto – it surprisingly worked and was a great dish.

Last (but certainly not least!) we had the Galaktoboureko stuffed with cream cheese, raising, dates, rose water syrup and ouzo sorbet. This desert was similar to baklava but the cream cheese filling really made it for me!

We had an amazing dinner at Krama which is definitely one of the best restaurants in Mykonos. The tasting menu is great value, the staff were friendly and the surroundings are just stunning.


Narcissus is another fantastic fine dining restaurant in Mykonos situated in the Kouros hotel. The restaurant is situated just outside the main town (about a mile) so I would recommend getting a taxi there as the roads can be treacherous! The setting by the pool with the archways displaying the beautiful sunset is just stunning and we just love al fresco dining.

Tasting Menu

We opted for the four course tasting (degustation) menu priced at €90 per person but we had some extra treats first! The appetiser of beef tartar with cooked egg yolk and pasta just melted in your mouth. This was followed by an amazing selection of bread including garlic and rosemary focaccia and corn bread. These were served with a number of butters including herb and tomato. It was so beautifully presented!

We could not resist a little aperitif to kick start the night! The Mykonos Dream: champagne served with pomegranate liqueur and pomegranate seeds really hit the spot. The Rose Blossom (similar to a martini) was also a great choice.

From the appetizers section we had the King Crab in salty honey water with dill and smoked tomato and the Scallops St Jacques. I was absolutely blown away by the scallops which tasted so fresh. They were served with cornbread, local Greek spicy sauce and popcorn (yes popcorn!) which, all together, just burst with flavour.

For our main dishes we were offered the choice of Grouper or Beef Fillet. We had read a great review about the beef fillet so just had to try it out. It was served in vegetable ashes which I have never seen before. It added to the texture and flavour of the dish. The beef was so tender and I just loved every single mouthful!

Lastly, we were presented with a Beetroot Gateaux with cream. Fear not beetroot haters as there is only a little beetroot taste in the dish. Similarly to the other courses, the dessert looked as good as it tasted.

Narcissus is one of the best restaurants in Mykonos – the food was amazing, our waitress was lovely and the location is just so beautiful.

Sale e Pepe

This is a long running Italian restaurant on the West side of Mykonos town. As we arrived, a large group was still dining so we had a cocktail in Narghile, which is part of the restaurant. I asked if it was possible to have a frozen cocktail and boy oh boy did they deliver. I was made an absolutely fantastic (and boozy!) frozen mojito (€12). During the meal, I also had a frozen strawberry daiquiri which was similarly great. We also had a small bottle (375ml) of Castello Di Querceto (Chianti Classico) (€22).

Sale e Pepe serves traditional Italian cuisine from pizzas and salads to handmade pastas and meat and fish dishes. We opted for the Ravioli filled with ricotta, mykonian cheese and spinach with butter and sage. This dish was absolutely amazing and I just love butter and sage! The Diavolo pizza was equally as delicious.

Souvlaki Story

A well known chain in Mykonos is Souvlaki Story serving a great selection of local Greek dishes. These range from Gyros sandwiches and Greek burgers to mixed combinations of gyros and grill stick platters. They also have a decent range of vegetarian options which is always good to see.

We visited the Souvlaki Story in the centre of Mykonos Town (we also saw one near the bus stop at Fabrika). We had the Gyros Mix Combo Story (€18) which was served with pork gyros, chicken gyros, Greek salad, fresh fried potatoes, pita and tzatziki sauce. It was a pretty generous portion and enough for two of us at lunch time! There are a few tables available for customers to sit outside or you can get it to take away!

Snack Bar Leonidas

Just around the corner from Souvlaki Story is a local café named “Snack Bar Leonidas”. This was the best (and cheapest) gyros that we had in Mykonos! We tucked into a Gyros Pita (€3.20), sausage pitta (€3.20) and two souvlaki sticks (€1.50 each).

We could not believe our luck how good this place was. No frills – just decent food and very competitive prices. They also offer a variety of sandwiches, hamburgers and portions of gyros or souvlaki. We 100% recommend this snack bar which has some seating in and outside.

Nikos Taverna

Nikos Taverna has been trading since 1976 with its ideal location in the heart of Mykonos Town. The restaurant has ample space inside and outside so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a table.

We started off with some complimentary bread whilst perusing the menu. There were a number of appetisers ranging from traditional tzatziki and hummus to tuna carpaccio and meatballs. All ranged from €5 – €15. We opted for the Fried Zucchinis (€5) – great portion size and we loved them because they were not too greasy.

Similarly to the appetisers, there was a good variety of main dishes on the menu. We loved the Moussaka which was a very reasonable €10. We also opted for the mixed souvlaki (€16) with chicken and lamb served with fries and salad. The meal and a bottle of rose plus service came to just over €50 which is fantastic value and the staff were friendly and welcoming.

Avra Restaurant

Before I visited Mykonos I had five people recommend Avra so I just had to check it out! Situated in the heart of Mykonos town, it is a little garden paradise inside.

We started off with a couple of glasses of the house wine which was reasonably priced at €6 each. We had a bread basket with olive tapenade and garlic butter for an appetiser and also could not resist the Halloumi Bacon. There were four amazing pieces of halloumi wrapped in bacon! It was obviously salty but oh so good.

For the main event we had the Chateaubriand for 2: Tenderloin slices of fillet steak served with bearnaise sauce, basmati rice, potatoes and grilled vegetables. This was an absolute feast. The plates are served piping hot and our waiter served the chateaubriand and sides to us to share. The meat was tender and flavoursome and the accompaniments were delicious. Unsurprisingly we had no room for dessert!

Avra is one of the best restaurants in Mykonos and we had an absolutely lovely evening.

Sakis Grill House

This is one of the cheaper restaurants in Mykonos and very handy for a lunch time or late night snack (it is open until midnight!). There is some seating at the front of Sakis and in the adjacent street.

Typical Greek cuisine is served here including souvlaki and gyros! Choose pittas from only €3.50 or larger plates from around €8. Just order at the counter and you will receive a buzzer when your food is ready. We ordered two pork gyros at lunch. It may have been an off day but we found them to be pretty dry and bland! This is so different from the reviews we had read. However, we would still recommend giving them a go particularly because of the price!


We walked to D’Angelo from Little Venice (5 minutes) to avoid the more tourist trap restaurants! This was a popular Italian restaurant in Mykonos with a large variety of choices on the menu. The staff were very friendly from the outset!

We kicked off with the Fresh potato gnocchi sauteed (€9) which was a decent portion and very tasty. There were so many pasta dishes I wanted to try! We had the Penne with Homemade pesto with pine nuts, basil, arugula, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parmesan (€11). It was al dente and you could taste how homemade it was! We also tried the Risotto with homemade ragu (€18) which was different to normal risotto dishes and extremely filling.

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