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Hot Stone Steak and Sushi

Japanese Restaurant in Islington

Hot Stone is a cute little Japanese restaurant is Islington and a fine gem of North London. On arrival you walk through the door and the open plan kitchen is immediately to the left. That means the second you step inside you are greeted by the Head Chef, which is pretty cool! The whole team there are fantastic – so attentive, kind and helpful. What really shone through is you can tell they enjoy their jobs!

 restaurant in Islingtonrestaurant in Islington

The Incredible Food

Our lovely waitress talked us through the menu advising on what we should order! For starters we each thoroughly enjoyed some sushi rolls. We chose one of their best sellers, the Crunchy Hot Stone Roll (King Prawn Tempura, White Mayo, Crunchy Tempura Flakes, Teriyaki Sauce – £9.95) and the ever popular 9 Chapel Roll (Grilled Salmon Slice, Red Spicy Mayo, Tuna Tartare, Okonomiyaki Sauce – £13.95). I can sum these rolls up in two words – absolutely outstanding. The sauces on both were rich and full bodied with a lovely smooth texture. The flavours were stunning and completely matched up to the incredible presentation of these beautiful rolls.

restaurant in Islingtonrestaurant in Islington

Next, which we were very excited about, we had the Hot Stones! We were each given a wooden board with raw food and a VERY hot stone, which only meant one thing – we got to cook the food ourselves! It was a lot of fun and the staff are great at advising you on how long to cook the food for. We opted for the mixed fish hotstone (Salmon, Tuna, King Prawns, Scallops – £20) and the Premium Japanese Wagyu Beef (£25). The beef was outstanding – 100% melt in your mouth succulent beef. We also loved the prawns and scallops and it was a lot of fun watching the fish cook on the stone. On the side we had a selection of flavoursome dips such as wasabi, ginger, Kizami Jalapeno Salsa and Goma Sauce.

restaurant in Islingtonrestaurant in Islington

More Food!

We finished this epic meal with a couple of the Head Chef Specials. We chose the Special Nigiri Sushi Box (7 pieces with fresh 100% Japanese Wasabi and Yasai Salad with Yuzu Dressing – £25) and the Seafood Donburi (fresh selection of fish and seafood on a bed of sushi rice, served with Japanese pickles and chukka wakame – £23). I loved the cute wooden box the sushi came in. Seven small and beautifully designed piece of sushi are laid out in each compartment and not only taste delicious but look it too!  The salad was light and fresh – a great addition to this masterpiece of a meal. The Seafood Donburi was surprisingly filling and a very generous portion of different types of fish and salmon.

restaurant in Islington

We washed the whole meal down with some traditional drinks – Kirin Beer ichiban (£6) and Sake Flight (Three different Saki – Bessen, Cherry Bouquet and Summer Snow, 45ml each £10).

restaurant in Islington

Blown Away – And You Will Be Too!

The winner of this amazing meal had to be the sushi rolls – they are an absolute must if you visit this lovely Japanese restaurant in Islington. We guarantee that if you aren’t accustomed to Japanese food, Hot Stone will 100% ignite a passion for it. This is an incredible restaurant, with fantastic staff serving outstanding food. It is one not to be missed!

East London Girl: Hot Stone

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