Howling Hops

Pub in Hackney Wick

Howling Hops Brewery is a pub in Hackney Wick offering 10 beers in tank and more in bottles. There are a variety to choose from, including pale ale, IPA and Howling Pils – all from 4.5% to 7.5%. Absolutely great for craft beer lovers and you can also buy the beers in bottles to take home.

Similarly to other venues in Hackney Wick, it is based in former industrial premises resembling a warehouse feel. Long tables and sharing benches add to the feel. In the summer, people just stand or sit outside in what is essentially a car park.

There are different food residencies every so often so check on their website first. It’s a fun pub in Hackney Wick to visit, especially if you like your beer.

East London Girl: Howling Hops  

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