Pasta in Shoreditch

Padella offers amazing pasta in Shoreditch and London Bridge and is pretty busy as a result. Luckily, you can use the Walk In app to remotely queue if you are within a certain distance.

The Shoreditch branch is much bigger than the London Bridge venue with an open kitchen and bar area. It’s a relaxed, informal restaurant serving delicious and affordable pasta.

pasta in shoreditch

The Menu

There is a small selection of antipasti including Padella sourdough and burrata with olive oil. However, we jumped right into the pasta section! When we visited, there were 8 choices but they swap pastas in and out on a regular basis.

We opted for the following four pasta dishes:

  • Gnocchi with nutmeg butter (£4)
  • Pici Cacio & Pepe (a standard Padella dish) (£6.5)
  • Fettuccine with Cobble Lane Cured nduja, mascarpone & lemon
  • Ravioli of Westcombe rictotta with butter & sage (£8.5)

The gnoochi was an absolute steal at £4 and was deliciously al dente in the nutmeg butter. The cacio & pepe was equally great with thick al dente pasta and a moreish cheese and pepper sauce. I would have liked the portion to be a little larger but the pasta was filling as it was thicker.

pasta in shoreditch
pasta in shoreditch

The raviolo was another winning dish, made with fresh ricotta and a mouthwatering butter & sage sauce. Whilst I love the nduja flavour in the fettuccine, the pasta was too soft for me.

pasta in shoreditch


If you are looking for great pasta in Shoreditch, then Padella is the one for you! The menu is concise and simple with some great dishes. Service was pretty good too.

East London Girl: Pasta in Shoreditch

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