The Bootlegger

The Bootlegger is fab speakeasy tucked in behind Leadenhall Market on Lime Street, near Monument.

The Bootlegger

Down in the basement is actually rather spacious and not as  dark as some other speakeasies. Brilliant decor – brick walls, old photographs, an old fashioned till and various lamps and candles.

The atmosphere is fairly chilled – there is no table service and no cover charge for the live music on Thursdays and Fridays. The venue gets livelier later in the evening with people dancing to the live music.

The choice of cocktails is great, the staff are knowledgeable and will provide recommendations or make drinks to order.  They are generally between £9 and £12 so pretty reasonably priced compared to some of the other speakeasy type bars. We had Fly Boy: Mango & wild strawberry puree shaken with Crème de fraise & mango liqueur, Vodka & Sauvignon Blanc to top with a squeeze of fresh lemon Juice, Ritzy:  Passion fruit & sour-cherry shaken with Passoa & Cherry Heering, Gin & Pinot Grigio to top
with a twist of lime (first picture on the left) and The Getaway: Gin & Crème de fraise charged with fresh strawberries & pomegranate juice balanced with fresh lime and Giggle Juice:  Pear infused Vodka shaken with fresh ginger and pears lengthened with apple juice sweetened with honey served over shaved ice.

All were fantastic but I particularly liked The Getaway!

Our cocktails were served with complimentary popcorn which was a lovely touch! Definitely worth a visit!