The Joint

Restaurant in Tooting Brodway Market

Brixton and Tooting Broadway market based The Joint are all about relaxed eating with high quality, slow cooked and fresh BBQ food.  We tried out their restaurant in Tooting Broadway Market branch for dinner.

restaurant in tooting


The Joint do not mess around with starters.  We went straight in for the meaty smoked pork belly with pickled cucumber (£7)and the deep fried mac & cheese with sweet chilli dip (£4.50)The mac & cheese was perfectly crisp on the outside and had a good strong gooey hit of cheese inside – such great comfort food. The pork belly was so tender and flavourful it was eaten by my guest alone despite being a sharer! 10/10 for these both.
restaurant in tooting restaurant in tooting


We had the 5 hour smoked shredded BBQ chicken burger (£8.50)and the veg burger (£8). Both were towering burgers and chock full of fillings. The chicken burger was served in a homemade bun with smoked bacon, mint, coleslaw and salad. The mix of flavours and textures worked incredibly well with the slow cooked juicy and tender meat – a winner.7
restaurant in tooting restaurant in tooting
For a  BBQ restaurant we were impressed with their veg burger which came with halloumi, pickled cucumber, onion, rocket and guacamole. The halloumi was cut thin enough so it had a meaty (and crucially, not rubbery) bite. There was a sharpness and lift from the pickled cucumber and rocket.  This is such a good veggie burger, one of my favourite London options so far that gets the texture and bite spot on (and I have tried a few).  We had a side of crisp, fluffy thin fries (£3)with an array of sauces – you want it they probably have it!
restaurant in tooting


We were so impressed with The Joint‘s passion and level of quality put into their food at their restaurant in Tooting Broadway Market. The prices are incredibly reasonable for the portion size and level of flavour you get in every dish.  Their meat dishes all sound amazing including a 16 HOUR pulled pork burger we might have to return for.  They win extra brownie points for serving up a seriously satisfying veg burger too!  Definitely worth checking out this restaurant in Tooting! We hear they are also popping up in markets too so keep an eye out!
East London Girl: The Joint
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