The Little Blue Door

A Trip to 871 Fulham Road

The Little Blue Door is London’s most fun house party! Set in a little neighbourhood flat, a group of flatmates have come together to give members of the public epic house parties every night in this cute bar in Fulham. It is a fab twist on a normal bar, with comfy sofas, chic coffee tables and snug areas. You can also watch videos and play pool and Nintendo 64!

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What’s more, the staff are more than just polite and friendly – they are your mates! They greet you with the same excitement you greet a best friend have banter with you and tell you to “treat the place like your own home”. Everyone that arrives has huge smiles on their faces and are treated like part of the family. It truly is such a fab atmosphere.

bar in fulham bar in fulham

Themed Nights 

During the week they have different themes and fun going on ! Wednesdays are Date Nights & Bites, with tapas style food and 50% off tables of friends of two, lovers and Tinder swipers! On Thursdays the flatmates crack out the Emoji menu! Whilst you sip on a cocktail you can decode the menu and order in pure Emoji style. Fridays is when the flatmates crack out all the games and really get the party started with a resident DJ.  It is just SO original and fun.


It was definitely cocktail time at this fun bar in Fulham! We opted for the House Surprise Punch (£6.75), Kill Bill (£9.00), From Russia with Love (£8.75) and The Beach (£9.25).

Our favourite had to be Kill Bill, predominantly because it is served in a tea cup with a biscuit on the side! The flavours of the cocktail were fab, with French Earl Grey Boxer Gin, Lemon Juice, Lemon Curd and Thyme.

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The House Surprise Punch was really fruity and tasty, with Barcardi Rum, Guava and fruit juices. The From Russia With Love was perfect for after dinner with Chai Infused Vodka, Kahlua and cream. Sadly, The Beach was far too bitty for us.

bar in fulham bar in fulham

The Food

We had a Burger and Lobster take over feast at The Little Blue Door. We went all out with the 5oz Burger (£14) and the Lobster Roll (£25)  accompanied by Lobster and Prawn Croquettes(£8) and Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese (£8).

bar in fulham bar in fulham

The burger was packed with filling and not greasy and The Lobster Roll was so delicious.  The Lobster and Prawn croquettes are up with there with some of the best I have ever had – crispy on the outside and full of filling. The Mac ‘n’ cheese was creamy and cheesy and another winning dish.

bar in fulham

We just about had room for the Baked New York Cheesecake (£5) with fresh strawberries which was soft and creamy.

bar in fulham


The Blue Door bar in Fulham was so much fun! It was a fantastic place to chill and enjoy yourself with a great atmosphere and drinks. It was made even better by the friendly customers and staff all having a great time! I absolutely love living in East London but it is places like this that definitely sway me to West London!

East London Girl: The Little Blue Door

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