Ugly Dumpling

Dumplings in Soho

Ugly Dumpling is not ugly at all but the cutest little cosy cafe, nestled in the heart of Carnaby.  We ventured in for a weekday lunch stop and a taste of their inventive dumplings in Soho.

Dumplings in Soho


Ugly Dumpling offer a short wine list, a good beer selection and a range of cocktails.  As it was a working lunch we opted for the Franklin & Sons ginger beer (£3) and Strawberry & Raspberry carbonated drink (£3).


The menu consists of platters of dumplings (vegan, veggie, meat or seafood) and there are street food style classics listed alongside new favourites.  This includes some inventive flavours including cheeseburger and fish & chips! 

We wanted to try these so opted for a platter of the new favourites (£8 for 5 pieces). We also chose a portion of the spinach & tofu dumplings(£3 for 3 pieces).  The new favourites platter is served with flair and each dumpling comes with tasty garnishes.  We LOVED the fish & chip dumpling – a fish stuffed dumpling served on a bed of tartare sauce complete with crispy potato tubes (chips!) on top.  This unusual number had the familiar taste and textures that comprise good fish & chips and successfully packaged into dumpling form.  The crispy potato made for great texture and the tartare was satisfyingly tangy.  We will certainly be back for this alone.

The cheeseburger dumpling did indeed taste of a cheeseburger complete with the crispy potato garnish too and a drizzle of (what I think was) burger sauce.  The others included ricotta & spinach, curried jack fruit (sweet and meaty) and mushroom & truffle.  The one dish we chose from the street food classics menu, the spinach & tofu was the only one which was underwhelming. It felt too spinach heavy for our liking unfortunately.

There are a range of fresh and colourful sides to add to your dumplings.  We had the seaweed & pickled cucumber salad with almond flakes (£5) adding a nice freshness to the array of dishes on the table.  The tempura aubergine with golden syrup dressing and peanuts (£6) were also a tasty side, a bit batter heavy but overall I would order them again thanks to the delicious filling.


Ugly Dumpling’s mission of satisfying East or West culinary taste buds is certainly successful with their creative and inventive offerings.  If you fancy something a little different in your dumpling, where the comfort of the traditional is still available (the aromatic duck is still one of their most popular) then pop in.

It is super easy to get to being just off Regent street so great as a meeting point or just resting your feet whilst shopping.   We shall certainly be popping in again especially as they have a £1 dumpling happy hour from 3-6 pm (and offer 2 cocktails for £10).  A fantastic place for dumplings in Soho! 

East London Girl: Ugly Dumpling

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