Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland

When you mention you are heading to Reykjavik, there is one question everyone asks: So, you are going to the Blue Lagoon Iceland? blue lagoon iceland

We were very pleasantly surprised with the Blue Lagoon – it is certainly more than just an Instagram worthy box to tick on your trip to Iceland.

We booked the trip through Reykjavik Excursions who offer a pick up direct from Keflavik Airport timed with the arrival of flights. They also pick up from Reykjavik with the option either to return to the airport or get a transfer straight into Reykjavik after your visit.


They offer a number of different packages:

  • the standard tour with admission (from 10,600 ISK)
  • the comfort package (from 12,600 ISK including towel hire, a drink at the bar and an additional face mask)
  • the premium package (from 14,700 ISK including towel, robe and slippers, a drink, face masks, a reservation in the restaurant and sparkling wine with a dinner in the restaurant
    blue lagoon iceland

We opted for the comfort package and were picked up from the airport at 11:30am. We arrived at the Blue Lagoon for our entrance at 12pm. There is a luggage store at the beginning of the walkway down to the entrance. You can store your suitcases / large bags for around £5. It is easily missed (we did!) so keep an eye out on your way in.

Wristband and Changing Rooms

You are given a wristband on your way in which acts as your locker key. It is also your virtual wallet for your time in the lagoon so you can pay for drinks in the lagoon. You then just settle up on the way out.

The changing rooms are segregated for men and women and are fairly busy. However, they do open and close certain changing rooms throughout the day to stop overcrowding and allow them to be cleaned so this is helpful.

There are lockers in the changing rooms which can comfortably fit a small backpack / handbag and your change of clothes. You are required to shower in cubicles without your bathing suit prior to entry into the lagoon. They recommend leaving conditioner in your hair prior to entry to the lagoon. TIP: Put lots on!

The Blue Lagoon

Then you are ready to enter the lagoon and wow – what a sight! The lagoon is deceptively big and with the sun remaining low in the winter sky, the bright blue water and steamy water make for a fantastic setting. Although there area lot of people in at the same time, you never feel crowded because of its size. There are also nice little areas off to the side where you can go for a bit more peace and quiet.

blue lagoon iceland
blue lagoon iceland

The in-water bar is to the right of the entrance and serves wine, prosecco, beer and soft drinks. This makes for a nice treat whilst enjoying the Blue Lagoon.

To the left of the entrance is the mud mask bar where you can get a complimentary silica mask and algae mask if you have the comfort or premium package. My skin fely incredibly soft so definitely worth trying!

There is also a waterfall and a treatment area, where you can get a massage whilst floating on the geothermal water! Outside of the lagoon there is the Lava Restaurant and a cafe for simpler snacks.


We spent around 2 hours actually in the lagoon itself and could probably have stayed longer! The Blue Lagoon was such a treat that simply should be indulged in on any trip to Iceland.

Top Tip: bring a waterproof phone case (available for a reasonable price on Amazon) for capturing those brilliant pictures! They are available from the lagoon bar but are fairly pricey so it is worth bringing your own!


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