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Restaurant in Bank

Coq D’Argent is a french brasserie / restaurant in Bank, right in the heart of the city. It is at the top of 1 Poultry, the office and retail building which just looks like it has a walkway, cutting through the high concrete structure. However, head up in the lift and it’s like you have been transported elsewhere.

restaurant in bank

Coq D’Argent is stunning, from the outside bar area with stools donned with fleeces in the winter to the garden with amazing views (open again as soon as the weather is good enough) to the gorgeous interior. It is modern and has an aura of class. It is definitely a fantastic spot to take anyone when you are looking to impress.

restaurant in bank

We were lucky enough to visit one weekend when the sun was out and so we managed to be seated outside. The service was great from the moment we were first seated, with plenty of warm welcomes, and it continued to be attentive throughout.

restaurant in bank


Coq D’Argent restaurant in Bank has just launched the ‘Le Grand Déjeuner Weekend’ menu. A set menu with the option to go for two courses (£38pp) or three courses (£43pp).

It might be a set menu, however there are plenty of options. There are 12 starters, with one additional sharing option, which we thought was a lot. There are a couple of vegetarian options and a vegan option too, and they appear to cater for most dietary requirements.

All the starters looked divine, and so we set off with two courses in mind.
The Saumon fumé, consisting of London oak smoked salmon, condiments and melba toast, was a beautiful light starter. The salmon was some of the best we have had, and paired with the thin, crisp melba toast was a fantastic choice. We loved that the lemon came in a little bag, to avoid any pulp too.

restaurant in bank

The Jarret de Cochon, a braised ham hock in pea and mint foam, with chestnut mushrooms, shallots, new potato crisp and comté cheese was our winning starter. It was rich and fantastic in flavour. A little like a fancier version of a pea and ham soup, yet lots more sophisticated. The ham hock was delicate and super tasty, the new potato crispy adding something different to a crouton.

Main Dishes

The mains menu was just as extensive with 12 options, and two additional sharing dishes to choose from. Again, they appeared to cater for all, and even though we had meat eaters dining, we were very tempted by the vegetarian options – they all sounded delicious!

The Haut Bar won us over though. A seared fillet of stone bass, with devon white crab risotto, avruga caviar and crab essence was one beautiful dish. The fish was meaty yet fantastically tender and flaky, with a fab crisp, grilled top. The risotto was chunky, not creamy, and gave the dish a fresher, lighter feel. The caviar was a nice finishing touch, and not just for presentation.

We also couldn’t resist the urge to try the Rabbit. The Cuisse de Lapin, consisting of braised french rabbit leg, bourguignonne garnish, mustard sauce and new potatoes was another incredible dish. The rabbit almost fell off the bone, it was superbly tender and pink inside. It had a rich, deep flavour, which was emphasised by the bourguignonne. The vegetables were perfectly a la dente, and the new potatoes beautiful. If you are a meat eater, you will love this.


As dishes are a little on the lighter side, three courses is actually more manageable than you would expect. We perused and debated over the 13 dessert options, which includes a cheese board, three vegan options and numerous creative dishes.

The Tarte au Citron, a more classic choice, looked absolutely stunning as it arrived. The baked lemon tart was finished with a soft meringe, and served with buckwheat and raspberry sorbet. The tart was full of citrus flavour, tangy and tart. The pastry was really buttery, and the raspberry sorbet bold in flavour, and a delicious refreshing alternative to creamier classic pairings.

restaurant in bank

The Rhubarb was a little more on the creative end of the scale, consisting of poached rhubarb, vanilla yoghurt, blood orange sorbet, meringue and timut pepper. A delicious lighter option, it was creamy, yet refreshing with the mix of yoghurt and sorbet. The rhubarb was juicy, and it was lovely to have a little meringue too for a touch of extra sweetness – and presentation purposes obviously.

The Drinks

The wine menu is extensive. In fact, there are 39 pages to the wine menu, with glasses starting from as little as £6. Still, a little overwhelming to say the least. But to solve that problem, there is a wine connoisseur on hand to give recommendations and wine pairings for your dishes.

He recommended a beautiful chenin blanc for the braised ham hock, as it wasn’t too overpowering for the dish which is full of flavour. A Muscadet was recommended for the smoked salmon due to the slightly higher acidity. It really helped emphasise the citrus notes of the lemon, and was delicious.

For the mains, the Barbera red was rich a full bodied to bring out the flavours in the rabbit – another fab pairing. Whilst a chardonnay was paired with the stone bass, due to its mineral taste to compliment the foam. It was smooth, light and another brilliant white.

Having the pairings was really helpful, and definitely meant we enjoyed our dishes and drinks together all that much more!


One fancy, modern and sophisticated spot, with a stunning restaurant area, and amazing garden which opens for those enjoying drinks  in the warmer months. The service is friendly and attentive, the food is outstanding and the wine pairings add that extra touch. Dishes are a little on the smaller side, and we do think at full price it is a little pricey. However, for a special occasion it’s worth splashing out at this gorgeous restaurant in Bank.

East London Girl: Coq D’Argent

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