Burmese Restaurant in Shoreditch

Lahpet is a fantastic, modern-chic Burmese restaurant in Shoreditch. As soon as you arrive you are greeted with warm and welcoming service and if you’re lucky you’ll be seated at the bar where you can spend your meal-time watching incredible cocktails be shaken and stirred.

burmese restaurant in shoreditch
burmese restaurant in shoreditch

The Menu

Lahpet is home to Burmese food with some traditional classis dishes such as the Tea Leaf Salad and rich spiced curries. The menu is split into small plates, large plates, bowls (soups and noodles) and sides, and everything looks seriously delicious!

We opted for the following from the Small Plates:

  • Lahpet Thohk (tea Leaf salad) with pickled tea, double fried beans, cabbage, tomato, chilli, dried shrimp, sesame seeds, garlic oil and peanuts £5
  • Ginger Salad with pickled ginger, double fried beans, cabbage, tomato, shallots, shallot oil and peanuts £7
  • Balachaung Dumplings with dried shrimp, garlic, ginger, chilli, peanut oil and shallot vinegar £4.50 for 3 (£1.50 for each additional dumpling)
  • Yellow Pea Paratha – flat bread with ginger, shallots, chilli, mint and lime £5

From the Large Plates, Bowls and Sides we had:

  • Pork and Mustard Green Curry – slow cooked pork shoulder with pickled mustard greens, star anise, pea shoots and peanuts £12.5
  • House Rice (coconut rice) £3.50
  • Tofu Nway – silky tofu soup, rice noodles, pickled mustard greens, pea shoots, tofu fritters, sweet soy and peanuts £12.50

Our Thoughts!

As you can see we had quite the feast! We recommend ordering 2-3 small plates before your main but there was so many incredible choices we had to go for 4.

The word “salad” for both the tea leaf and the ginger salads just doesn’t do these dishes justice. Each had an unexpected combination of beautiful flavours and textures, with one of my favourites being the crunch of the peanuts. Out of the two, the Ginger Salad just blew us away. The flavours of the ginger and the shallots against the crunch of the cabbage and peanuts were incredible.

burmese restaurant in shoreditch

We absolutely loved the dumplings and the flat bread too. Great things definitely do come in small packages with the super cute little dumplings! They were so soft and filled with delightful flavours with a great kick of chilli. The flatbread was crispy and moorish and gave a real homely sense with the warm chilli filling.

burmese restaurant in shoreditch
burmese restaurant in shoreditch

Our mains lived up to the high expectation our starters served us. The pork  and mustard curry was a wonderful dish with large chunks of soft, succulent pork in a rich sauce. The side of the house rice with its delicate notes of sweet coconut really complimented this meal.

We were impressed with the Tofu Nway which was a stunning looking dish. It was incredibly filling with its thick rich, peanutty, tofu soup. The tofu fritters were a great addition to the dish and the pickled mustard greens gave this dish a great balance of being not too sweet.

burmese restaurant in shoreditch
burmese restaurant in shoreditch

After such an incredible, sweet and rich meal, we very much enjoyable our fruity sorbet!

burmese restaurant in shoreditch


During our meal we enjoyed two wonderful cocktails as well. One was the Ngapali Breeze (£9.50). This consisted of coconut rum, amaretto, pineapple water, sherbet, lime, glazed pineapple and topped off with a tapioca chip to eat (thin wafer of deep fried cassava root). It was strong, tropical, sweet and very enjoyable! The second was the Ginger Club, a gorgeous pink cocktail consisting of vanilla vodka, ginger, lime and bitters – absolutely delightful!

burmese restaurant in shoreditch


What a fantastic time we had at Lahpet! Not only did we have an outstanding meal but we received exceptionally wonderful service too. This is a highly recommended Burmese restaurant in Shoreditch to visit!

East London Girl: Lahpet

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