Le Relais de Venise “L’Entrecote”

Steak Restaurant in Bank

L’Entrecote steak restaurant in Bank has a simple menu, great food and excellent service. The restaurant started off in Paris and has since expanded to London, New York and Mexico. You can definitely see the Parisian influence in the decoration of the restaurant.

Steak and Frites

The USP of L’Entrecote is the menu, or more accurately, the lack of. Diners can feast on a green salad starter with French dressing and sprinkled with walnuts followed by the main event – the steak with fries accompanied by some amazing sauce.

The WINNER for me was that the steak is brought to the table in two stages so one half is kept warm! You can also have extra helpings of frites. The steak was tasty and, most importantly, not fatty. The sauce was really good, although I struggle to explain how it tasted. It literally was a mixture of mustard, bernaise and peppercorn – I guess that is why it is referred to as the ‘secret sauce’!  Fixed price menu of £24.


I was pretty full after the steak but could not resist sneaking a look at the dessert menu, which is actually rather extensive. We opted for the sticky toffee podding and the creme brulee, which were solid choices.

restaurant in Canary Wharf

Last but not least, the service was fantastic so a big thank you for making our evening more enjoyable!

East London Girl: L’Entrecote

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