The Coal Shed

Restaurant near Tower Bridge

The Coal Shed is a newly opened restaurant near Tower Bridge in the new 1 Tower Bridge complex just behind the theatre. It offers a few tables outside for al fresco dining as well as a two leveled restaurant with modern light decor. The staff were friendly and accommodating upon arrival and talked us through the different parts of the menu and the specials.

restaurant near tower bridge

The Cocktails

There were a good selection of cocktails including aperitifs. We had the:

  • Daisy Ash: Mezcal, Peach Essence, Citrus, seasonal Shrub, Peach Bitters
  • Wise Elder: Citrus Vodka, Lemon Balm Cordial and Prosecco
  • Rose Negroni: Gin, Rose Vermouth, Aperol.

All of the cocktails came beautifully presented with detail around the rim and a flower in the negroni.

restaurant near tower bridge

We also loved their offering of Classic Martini’s giving you three steps to build you own:

  1. Pick a gin or vodka (three choices for each)
  2. Stirred or shaken / straight up on the rocks
  3. Choose a garnish: citrus, olives, pickled onions, cornichons or caper berries

 The Starters and Mains

The menu is split into snacks, starters, meat, and fish and the ingredients are produced in Britain. For starters we had the BBQ Short Rib with peanut, chilli and spring onion (£9) which was absolutely stunning. The meat was so tender falling off the bone in an instant and the sauce was delicious and plentiful. We were similarly impressed with the South Coast Cured Grey Mullet (£9) and the Torched Sussex Mackerel (£8)

restaurant near tower bridge

restaurant near tower bridge restaurant near tower bridge

Many of the main dishes are designed for sharing around the table.  The daily cuts of meat and the weight are added to chalkboards around the restaurant. When we visited there was the choice of Chateaubriand (similar to a fillet), Porterhouse steak (half fillet, half sirloin), prime rib (rib eye) and sirloin on the bone. Each cut of meat is charged per 100g.  If you prefer fish, they had a special whole seabass for 3 people!

We opted for the 800g Porterhouse Steak (£9 per 100g) between the three of us and a selection of side dishes. It was impossible to resist the Short rib croquettes from the snacks list which were packed full of filling. We loved the Mac n cheese with a perfectly grilled top and the filling bubbling away. The Triple cooked chips were light and fluffy, the Jersey Royals were fantastic and the Peas, bacon and onion added different flavours and textures to the meal.

restaurant near tower bridge

restaurant near tower bridge

The sides were super impressive and whilst the steak was flavoursome, we did think it was slightly on the pricey side given around 150g is bone. However, if you prefer to not pay per 100g there are options for fillet, sirlon and rib eye individually.

The Desserts

That was more than enough for the three of us, yet we found it in us to try dessert. This was mainly because of the words “Sweet Selection for Two” which changes daily. This featured Chocolate coal, fudge, marshmallow (toasted), hot lemon filled doughnuts, macaron and crepes. It was an absolute feast that was more than enough for two people. The coal and fudge were so rich and delicious literally making your eyes open with amazement.

restaurant near tower bridge


We loved the atmosphere at The Coal Shed restaurant near Tower Bridge and the friendly staff always willing to make suggestions. The food was fantastic – particularly the short rib – and the location is just stunning.

Keep an eye out for the pre-theatre menu which is served from 5pm – 6.30pm from Monday to Saturday. It offers 2 courses for £20 and 3 courses for £24. With a choice of three starters, three mains and two desserts, there should be enough to please diners.

Alternatively, if you fancy a quick lunch, The Coal Shed offers one course for £10.95. Finally, they have BYO wine Monday where corkage is £5 per bottle.

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