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I must admit to liking a gimic so when I heard about Cahoots tube themed bar in Soho, I had to check it out. Just look out for the signs “to the trains” when you are in Kingly Court and you will be greeted by a Cahoots “scoundrel” to check your name. He may also have an 1940s accent going on… As you go down the stairs you pass the ticket office and then on into the tube.

bar in soho

Try reserving a seat in the one of the carriages, as you can then have the whole tube experience.  As we sat down a member of staff bounded over with a newspaper menu with 45 different cocktails, two tap waters and some popcorn. Our journey had begun!

bar in soho

To begin with we chose Cherry Top, a cocktail for two, which arrived in a large bottle with two tea cups. It tasted like an alcoholic strawberry milkshake!

bar in soho

Moving on, we had the  Windsor is Coming (served in a cup with queen on) and Turning Over a New Leaf. If you like light and fresh cocktails that are not too sweet, we recommend the Windsor is Coming.

All cocktails are priced between £10 and £13 (plus 12.5% service), which is slightly more than other bars but worth the extra for the experience.

TIP: If you want a table at the weekend, book 3-4 weeks in advance to be on the safe side!

East London Girl: Cahoots

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