Bars in Reykjavik

Bars in Reykjavik

For such a small city, there are a decent amount of bars in Reykjavik! However, if you are planning on having a few drinks, do make sure you have enough money in your bank account… a pint of lager / glass of wine will be around £8-12 and cocktails can be close to £20 so be warned.
If you are looking to save some Icelandic Krona download the”appy hour” app which tells you about all the happy hours in Reykjavik sorted by distance and price. Most happy hours are between 5 and 7pm and you can usual nab a wine or beer for nearer 600-800 krona and half price cocktails nearer 1000-1200kr.

There are a number of bars on Laugavegur Road as well as in Downtown Reykjavik. Here are a few of the bars that I visited whilst in Reykjavik.

Lebowski Bar

Lebowski Bar is a tourist friendly pub / restaurant in the centre of Reykjavik on the popular Laugavegur road. It is American (and obviously The Big Lebowski) themed with food on offer including burgers, fries and milkshakes and bright neon lights enticing you in from the outside. The house drink is a White Russian and there is an extensive White Russian menu as well as a good selection of beers from around the world.

The main selling point of this venue is the atmosphere and music. Happy hour is from 4 – 7pm and with a DJ playing classic songs later in the evening, it makes for a great vibe in what is usually a busy bar.


If you are a fan of craft beer then get down to Microbar in downtown Reykjavik for a wide choice of lager and ales. Happy hour between 4-7 where two beers are reduced to 800krona. That with a large glass of wine was around 1.800 krona.

Relaxed atmosphere at Microbar with seating at the bar, on high stools, tables or sofas – we just chilled out and played cards!


Close to the harbour is Slippbarinn, Reykjavik’s first cocktail bar and a more fancier bar than others I visited. Happy hour was from 5-7 and included beers on tap at 700kr and cocktails at 1,100kr.

Slippbarinn was lovely as a venue but was the only time I experienced rude service in Iceland which is a shame!


One of the more popular bars in Reykjavik with both tourists and locals is Kaffibarrin, easily spotted with its tube stop sign outside. Playing live music and DJs on a regular basis, it was a pretty trendy bar.

A glass of wine and gin and tonic was around 2,400kr and it was a pretty chilled atmosphere – apparently it gets more lively after 1am.

Bar Ananas 

Definitely one of the more random bars i visited in Reykjavik – tropical themed with pictures of fish on the bar, flamingo pictures and tiki girls. While the decor may be cheesy, the place / staff are not. There was a live singer when we arrived on Saturday and the music afterwards was a real mish match that I actually cannot describe! Definitely quirky and I get the feeling ever changing…

I also heard great things about Hurra from some of the locals. We visited a little early on a Saturday and it was pretty empty but wish we had tried it mid-week!

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