Holy Carrot

New vegan restaurant in London

Holy Carrot is a new plant based restaurant serving up vegan cuisines in a beautiful elegant, refined space. The stylish dining space combines a stunning muted dried flower installation over a traditional luxe dining room with a charming fireplace and beautiful light. This vegan restaurant in Belgravia is a welcomed addition to the ever growing plant based community in London.

vegan restaurant in belgravia

Vegan Dishes

The plant based dishes range from sliders and ceviche to sushi.  The restaurant’s mission is to use ethically sourced seasonal produce which are sugar free, gluten free and free from preservatives. We tried the following dishes, which were all amazing:

  • TRIO OF SLIDERS (£14.50)  Black bean, pea falafel & BBQ mushroom patties, Artisan buns, house slaw, light pickle cucumbers, Homemade ‘‘cheese’’ sauce, harissa mayo
  • KENTISH PURPLE POTATO CROQUETTES (£7.50)  Avocado ë lling, homemade basil mayo
  • CRISPY MAKI (£8.50)  Tricolor organic quinoa, heritage vegetables, Asparagus, crispy tempura, spicy mayo 
  • STICKY & SWEET ORANGE CAULIFLOWER (£12.50)  Green sour cream 

Dishes are split into small and larger plates which makes it great for sharing.  The croquettes were a real pleasure to cut into – the exterior crisp, interior beautifully fluffy and pastel purple. What’s not to love?!

vegan restaurant in belgravia

The trio of sliders were a nice addition to the menu and the mini burgers had a naughtier feel versus the other dishes. The BBQ mushroom was a real favourite. Our crispy maki was beautifully presented – colourful rolls that tasted markedly different from your usual maki owing to the lack of rice but quinoa in the roll instead.  This dish was really innovative and the quinoa offered a really interesting take.

We absolutely LOVED the sticky sweet cauliflower dish with its incredibly moreish flavours, a sweet sticky glaze and a beautiful vegan sour cream – a must try.

holy carrot restaurant

Vegan Desserts

For dessert we tried the SICILIAN LEMON TART with Sour cherry sorbet (£6.50) and MISO CARAMEL SPONGE CAKE Oat & Miso caramel ice cream (£8.50).

We thoroughly enjoyed the miso caramel sponge cake and were blown away by the subtle miso flavour and soft layers of caramel-ly sponge. It was indulgent without being overly cloyingly sweet – a real triumph. The lemon tart was less of a favourite for us as we found the texture a little too rubbery of the actual tart filling. However, the flavours were still good bearing in mind this dish was made sugar free.

holy carrot restaurant


We were hugely impressed with the dishes at Holy Carrot.  The innovation and unique takes on global favourites are really quite successful.  The presentation is second to none as are the interiors – this is high end vegan dining done very well.  A very unique vegan restaurant in Belgravia that we would highly recommend trying.

East London Girl: Vegan restaurant in Belgravia

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