Iris Bar, The Gherkin

The Gherkin

The Gherkin (or 30 St Mary Axe) has been an icon in London since 2004.  With its unique shape and thousands of metres of glass, it tends to catch everyone’s eye! 

Lucky for us the restaurant and bar at the top of The Gherkin are finally open to the public! Iris bar is situated on the 39th floor of the building offering panoramic views of London.

Iris Bar

The bar is a great shout for a drink or two high up in the clouds and is the perfect place to enjoy some sundowners. The prices are very reasonable for such an grand establishment – a medium glass of wine (175ml) starts from only £7.40. Cocktails start from £12.50 and look absolutely stunning.

the gherkin

We visited during the collaboration with Perrier-Jouët Champagne transforming the bar into a Glasshouse Champagne garden, with a selection of vintages and botanical gin-inspired cocktails available.

the gherkin

The cocktail list is divided into famous markets in London with the cocktails in each section inspired by the focus of each particular market. We enjoyed a Victorian Julep – Havana 3 rum, Perrier-Jouët Champagne, lime, pineapple, strawberries and mint (£13). It was delicious and very much a summery and champagne twist on a Daiquri.

the gherkin

We also opted for the Glasshouse gin trio. For £17 you can pick 3 junipers which are then delivered with pairing tonics. We enjoyed: Monkey 47 with grapefruit and star anise and paired with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic; Tanqueray 10 with camomile and grapefruit paired with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic; and Brockmans with blueberries and orange peel and paired with Fever Tree tonic. This was great value and an excellent way to try different gins.

the gherkin


We highly recommend making a reservation for drinks at this gorgeous bar at The Gherkin. With friendly staff and amazing drinks, we will return time and time again.

the gherkin

East London Girl: Iris Bar

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