Martello Hall

Martello Hall

Brunch in East London

If you are looking for brunch in East London packed with character, great music and a vibrant atmosphere, then Martello Hall is the place! We arrived on Saturday afternoon around midday and by 1pm the place was packed. Everyone was having a great time – friends catching up, and celebrations going on! It feels like a place where you can chill out and let your hair down at the same time!

brunch in east london

Looking round this rustic and super cool venue, I found that Martello Hall has it all. It has (i) a great little bar serving some awesome gins and creative cocktails (ii) a back area where you can watch the chefs in action (iii) upstairs is a cute snug area which you can hire out for parties and (iv) outside is a sweet little terrace! To top it off we met some of the loveliest, friendliest staff and it really made our day!

brunch in east london brunch in east london brunch in east london

The Brunchable “Bottomless Brunch”

I heard about Martello Hall through Brunchable which really helped me in my search to find great places that offer brunch.  I was so pleased I used them because I couldn’t have been happier with my choice of brunch in East London! The menu at Martello Hall is varied so there certainly something for everyone. From hot and spicy pizza to avocado on toast – this place has it all! There is also a great selection of sides and a dessert choice of doughnuts for those extra hungry! Everything is individually priced so you can really mix and match. To top it off for just £25 per person you can make it boozy and bottomless!

brunch in east london

As we were very excited to come here, we made sure we were extra hungry so we could try as much as possible! We opted for the London Field Pizza (Chef’s meatballs, coppa, taleggio, gremolata, oregano – £14) and the Slow Beef Rigatoni (12 hour slow beef ragu, parmesan, flat leaf parsley – £14) for main. We also ordered sides of the Pecorino and Mint Crocchettas with hot mustard sauce (£6) and the Rocket, Fennel and Roast Garlic Salad (£4). Obviously we had to go bottomless so we also ordered the Mimosa and the Martello Rum Punch (above).

brunch in east london brunch in east london

Our thoughts

We were very impressed with the food here! The pizza was incredible with a crust to die for! The toppings were fantastic and it was one of the best pizzas we have had. As the kitchen had run out of rigatoni pasta they made our Slow Beef dish with tagliatelle pasta instead. This dish was awesome – the beef so tender and there was a great helping of parmesan cheese. The side dishes really complimented our main meals. The salad was light and refreshing and the crocchettas were ridiculously fluffy on the inside with a great crunchy outside. The hot mustard sauce may be a little overpowering for some, but I thought it worked well.

brunch in east london brunch in east london

The cocktails were crisp and light – exactly what you need when you are eating a hearty meal! They were pretty boozy too and the second your glass is empty the waiters are over with another. You really feel like you get your £££’s worth!

Forgetting that our eyes were probably bigger than our bellies at this point, we finished with the doughnuts (Baby Bombolini £5 for one person, £8 for a sharing portion, £10 for the table)! Thirteen beautiful little balls which were dense on the inside and super crispy on the out. We were given two pots – one with local jam and one with Nutella. Although we couldn’t finish them they were so tasty but very indulgent!

brunch in east london


We loved it so much that we are planning our next trip back! Martello Hall is an awesome place for brunch in East London and really does tick all the boxes  – great venue, fab atmosphere, awesome music, delicious food and lovely staff. What more could you ask for? So if you are currently planning a special occasion or a general meetup with some friends then book Martello Hall through Brunchable and you won’t be disappointed!

East London Girl: Martello Hall

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