Mr Fogg’s Bar: Society of Exploration

Bar in Charing Cross

Hailing from the successful Inception Group (who also look after the amazing Cahoots) Mr Fogg’s have opened a fifth bar in Charing Cross.

Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration is all about celebrating exploration and adventure! The location right near Charing Cross where he started his adventure is certainly apt. The bar will take customers on a thrilling journey around the world complete with train carriage, map room and hidden wonders.

mr fogg's bar mr fogg's bar

The venue is adorned with portraits of Mr Fogg’s fellow fearless pioneers with maps, travel books and clocks surroundings the bar. As you arrive the journey begins with a ball being rolled down the shoot directing you downstairs through the elegant lobby.

mr fogg's bar mr fogg's bar

The Cocktails

As expected from the creative Mr Fogg’s, the cocktail menu is no typical menu. It takes the form of an explorer’s menu across nine areas of the world. Each chapter focuses on one location, ranging from ancient man-made creations to wonders of the natural world.

The thought and presentation that goes into the cocktails is clear. We started off with the Valley of Silence inspired by Mount Everest. With Bombay Sapphire gin, sake, milk and vanilla mirin, lime and egg white, the cocktail was served on a cushion with a large ice cube with Mr Fogg’s stamped on it (£12)  Moving on to the Grand Canyon we tried the Native Lands cocktail (£14). It was served with Hendrick’s Obrium gin, pruni liquer, herbal liquer and apertif wine. It was presented in a weaved basket which looked so adorable.

mr fogg's bar mr fogg's bar

The Old Savannah was served with Bacardi Carta Oro rum, Mancino Chinato vermouth, apricot & fig ketchup, cinnamon and paprika salt (£12) with the apricot and fig really shining through. The Palette of Life from the Amazon Rainforest came with Oxley gin, Rinomato aperitif, pale ale beer, malt syrup and citric solution (£13).  As expected, these cocktails did not disappoint and were so beautifully presented.

mr fogg's bar mr fogg's bar

The Nibbles

We don’t normally expect much from nibbles at a bar but the quality of the food was amazing! The Spicy Asian Pork Balls with lemon, garlic & parsley, served with a honey and ginger sauce (£7) were absolutely delicious. The balls were so flavoursome and with 6 in a portion, £7 is an absolute steal! The Marinated Tempura Chicken Pieces served with a Peruvian green chilli dip (£8) were similarly tasty. The batter was light and the dip was so moreish. Other dishes include charcuterie and cheese boards and scotch eggs!

mr fogg's bar


The new Mr Fogg’s Bar certainly does not disappoint. It has a fantastic theme with a fun and lively atmosphere, delicious nibbles and stunning cocktails. They are definitely some of the best bars in London!

East London Girl: Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration

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